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fire fire fire! Iowa caucus training on cspan right now

Very interesting they will tell you what you need to bring with you.


Please keep this bumped and can someone embed here when its done.

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please keep this bumped

and someone who knows how to embed it please do so this is helpful to Iowa voters.

Then they come back when they get to resolutions.

They skipped the delegate process.

They are leaving

right when they get to delegates. That is crap!!!!!!!!!!

there going to cheat

Its obvious if a Ron Paul person isn't standing right there by the reporter when they decide to count it these people can pick their friends to observe for Ron Paul??? Ron Paul people should surround this report after the vote is done. do not let them leave your sight. They also do not even have the number that the reporter calls to report the count yet they will give it out when they learn it. The observer must be willing to stay all night if need be. who knows when they will get the number to call.

someone just used the word

"threats" as the speaker was discussing "electronic glitches"...



also they have made a new position

a "Reporter" they will call in the precincts results. that means there is a middle man between the voters and the reporter this is where anything bad will happen.

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report the reporter!

make sure they are monitored!

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keeping it bumped.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

The number one thing they are looking for is email addresses

Do not use (for registering Republican) an email that you use for communicating on the internet



bump so people can hear the

bump so people can hear the info

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