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Re-Run: Ron Paul on C-span 11:45 ET 01/03/12

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Booooo. They cut it off to show useless congress

I don't think we will miss anything if they covered Paul for a few more minutes.

Thomas M. Gallion

C-SPAN poll about whether the

C-SPAN poll about whether the winner will also be the nominee:


Rock the Caucus LIVE link

Here's the CNN link (frothy is on now):


Not Live

From yesterday, still very good!


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they said something at the

they said something at the beginning that I missed, not sure if they're just filling time

this is a REPLAY...

...of YESTERDAY's Des Moines appearance. Thanks for the false alarm.

Replay??? It's literally just


It's literally just the stuff from Monday. Cmon, C-SPAN.

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Ron Paul Flix already has



This is from yesterday

Is something live coming up?


from yesterday only thing they have been showing of RP


from yesterday

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Repeat from yesterday's appearance.


Ron Paul ad playing on C-SPAN.

It's a repeat recording of his campaign rally

that's all. But, I liked his TV ad much better than Rummy's.

Nothing live right now.

Bipity bobbity Bump



back to the top.
Starts in 15 minutes.

Heh. Probably Ron's idea to

Heh. Probably Ron's idea to go there, then the rest piled on. haha.
I sure hope those kids judge more on true substance than just "speaking ability and appearance", but if Ron can pique their interest then we have a year to work on them..:)

I just want to say that the CSPAN coverage of Iowa, and their decision to do so is absolutely phenomenal! Even showing caucus training (finishing up now) and very much of interest, as well as tons of interviews of various candidates with little bias.


This tweet is from a Des Moines reporter:

Students filing in for Rock the Caucus event at Valley High. Supposed to be 800 to hear Bachmann, Santorum, Paul

And from another (an oops from Bachmann):

Bachmann: "History is about to start here today...you can be a part of it if you are 18 today.

Note: 17 year olds can take part, as long as they're 18 by Nov. 6th.

From another reporter:

High school kids at a "Rock the Caucus" event don't buy Bachmann. Her speech & flashing her iPhone were the equivalent of a parent rapping.

Things that have been yelled so far at the rally: "Ron! Paul! Ron Paul!" | "Preach it!" | "Libertyyyy!" | "Roooooonnnnnnn!"

Vid From "Rock the Caucus"

I hope someone was able to capture a vid to post from this event. Would love to see a gym full of H.S. kids "rockin' it" for Dr. Paul!

Good Work...


I was going to post this

but you beat me to it!

bump bump!

bump bump!

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