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Needed For Caucus: List of 5 Minute Videos!

As temporary caucus chair, I'm setting up a big screen with computer and internet connection in the caucus room so videos can be played. People are limited to 5 minute speeches in favor of their candidate. Some may wish to play a 5 minute video rather than talk themselves.

We need a list of 5 minute videos.

PS: The official "Temporary Caucus Chair Procedure" allows for only ONE 5 minute speech per candidate. Therefore, there can be at most only ONE 5 minute video, and it will take the place of any other speeches for Ron Paul.

PPS: There may be objections to substituting a video for live speeches at some caucuses, so it is wise to have a prepared verbal speech available in any event.

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5 minute caucus video comprised of 3 videos.

Start with Adherence to the Oath.
cutoff video at 1:50 time mark

Follow with Tom Woods Two-minute case for Ron Paul.

Finish with Ron Paul Magic.
reduce audio volume, and start at 0:02 mark and cutoff at 1:11 time mark

Total time is five minutes. I avoided any commercial advertising videos or any of that type; strictly speakers.

This is my reasoning. Firstly, listening to one speaker for five minutes is not as interesting or convincing as two speakers for two minutes each. Secondly, the speakers, Lt. Colonel Bill Manning and Tom Woods, are excellent because they address the military donations, foreign policy, true conservatism and liberty. Thirdly, the last video instills optimism and overall gets the music "in your head" and you can't shake it out, making the whole presentation memorable. Finally, during the last video played at a lower audio volume, you are given a perfect opportunity to concisely speak and repeat the points Manning and Woods made. Don't memorize anything, you only have a minute anyway. I suggest feeling your audience, and simply speak about the videos, the speakers, Ron Paul, or simply the constitution and liberty.

To make it easy, simply use the text on the last video as your talking points. "Liberty Rising is Magic. Never Stop Believing In It. Liberty Dying is Tragic. But Liberty Can Rise Again. Ron Paul for Liberty."


Those first two videos are excellent. There is a "social conservative" gap left that would be filled by Chuck Baldwin's endorsement if there were time. I'm not sure a pop song with text-over is going to pack enough psychological impact for the social conservative demographic.

What I would suggest is this sequence:

1:06 of

2:00 of

1:52 of

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans


Not 5 minutes, but you could possibly find an edit of this:


Here's another video:

Or maybe this one:

This is a new one that jsut

This is a new one that jsut came out today. 5:53, but you can just do the first 5 minutes maybe.

Or, maybe not


Maybe as a tertiary video

Cut it off at 5 minutes and its good for a third* video presentation.

The problem with it as a primary, or even secondary video presentation is two-fold:

1) It focuses on events that require much more awareness of historic details than most people possess.

2) The information presented is in text form which is going to be very hard for people to read in the allotted time even if it were legible on a projector.

*The caucus instructions allow for only one speech per candidate. However, the conduct of the caucus is up to the attendees, so multiple rounds of speeches may be permitted if approved of by the caucus attendees.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

Tom Woods 2 minute clip

it is on front page

Chuck Baldwin's Endorsement Video

This endorsement video by Chuck Baldwin is only 3:09 but its a good one for the Iowa caucuses.

We need more such short videos that really hit hard.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

here you go

Thanks, now to filter...

That's a lot to sift through in a short time but at least the raw material is there.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans

I'll start looking through my

I'll start looking through my bookmarked videos to see if I have any 5 minute ones.

If you are going to do a 5 minute video,

Include Tom Woods, I especially like his two-minute case for Ron Paul.


Then you could combine it with another one or two videos for the remaining three minutes.

I suggest starting with Tom Woods Two-Minute Case, then add parts of the Ron Paul movie, and end with something upbeat and memorable.

Keep us updated with your decisions. I would love to input, as many will too, since we will all be glued to DP for the next 24 hours.

Good Luck, God Speed

Wood + Baldwin

I think the 2 minute Wood video followed by the 3:09 minute Baldwin endorsement video would fill the bill -- finding 9 seconds to trim somewhere.

If you read nothing else, read this: A Contract Between Americans


for others to see.

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