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Iowa GOP Fraud & Electioneering

Don't know if this has been posted but this is very disturbing. The way I understand; a Faux news commentator talks to a UStream radio show broadcast about how the Iowa GOP plans to manipulate the vote by whatever means; to prevent a 1st place Ron Paul win on January 3rd, 2011.


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Neo Cons of the GOP

you know they are going to destroy their party


we all know that the gop are planing on cheating us out of a Ron Paul 1st place win. the liars on fox has the votes totaled up and they have Dr.Paul at 3rd. we know there gana cheat us.then what are we gana do?third party run? we should i donated over $2,000 not to let them cheat us so if the paul camp reads this if you want any more of my money then i expect some one to be on this like stink on s--t,or im done,im still a paul lover but just wont donate no more to be cheated


"If he wins, the biggest loser is Iowa."

He referring to Ron Paul - says the interviewee.

Fox News says the Iowa GOP

Fox News says the Iowa GOP dispises RP. Pretty strong words.