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Heads Up IOWA Poll Watchers - Potential Vote Scam In The Making

While watching C-Span a few minutes ago Judy Davidson, (the girl doing the training session) Told those attending that she had received a form from the state party.

The form Is a Straw Poll results form. This is the form that today's caucus will be recorded on.

This is the form that was used in the August straw poll. Note that it does not say Caucus Results. It's says Straw results.

One must wonder and perhaps challenge the use of this form, because it could be used or mixed with the forms from the August straw poll. And I believe this is the intended use of this form.

Watch out for trickery of the eyes and hand.

A number of years ago I served as Press Secretary for an Attorney General Candidate here in Massachusetts. I also managed the convention floor for the campaign.

That meant that I had access to the entire convention floor and access into the back rooms.

The party establishment did not like my candidate, much like the current party establishment does not like Ron Paul.

The ballots were to be handed out for voting after the speeches. It came to my attention that the state party had handed out ballots to those supporting our opponent before the speeches thus election fraud caught in the act.

I found the party officials and challenged the votes. I had to press them into taking action. The result was they recalled all the ballots and then issued new ballots that were of a different color.

They shot themselves in the foot, because those who tried to cheat the system and voted before the vote was called, had left the convention. They tried to stop my candidate from getting her 30% to gain access to have her name placed on the ballot. We got more than 30%.

This is my warning please get the message out to the caucus goers to be on the lookout and film everything and watch out for titles and colors of papers.

For them not to make a new paper to record the votes in today's world I.E. computers, printers, anything can be done in a minute.

This is fishy. Please keep this bumped. I am going to call Ron Paul's campaign headquarter and let them know of this.

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I'm just hoping Ron is prepared and is able to ensure honesty in the count.

Moving the count...

Across State lines is now a matter for the FBI!

Election fraud...

should be a capital offense. No ifs ands or buts.

"Give a man a gun, and he could rob a bank. Give a man a bank, and he could rob the world."

Fraud Expert Provides a Check List


This was found on Infowars. The link is found close to the bottom of the article.
Interesting, Occupy claims they have/had no plans to disrupt the caucus.

OWS was at a Ron Paul rally

It was filmed, link was here Monday. At the end of Rand's and Ron's speeches, as Ron was leaving they did a mic check. The beautiful thing is that they were mic checking in favor of Ron Paul's policies. They continued even after he left the room, it seemed hoping he would hear their support even though he was outside.
It really was great.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

OWS was at a Ron Paul rally

It was filmed, link was here Monday. At the end of Rand's and Ron's speeches, as Ron was leaving they did a mic check. The beautiful thing is that they were mic checking in favor of Ron Paul's policies. They continued even after he left the room, it seemed hoping he would hear their support even though he was outside.
It really was great.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

One of the most difficult things

our campaign must overcome is making sure the votes are actually and FACTUALLY accounted for.

Thank you

I will post it on Twitter to make others aware.

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Thank you

Thank you, we need to spread the word and pray that Ron Wins by a landslide.


This Absolutely Has To Be Addressed and Corrected

January 3, 2012 at 2:24 pm
to encourage every supporter/voter for Ron Paul to sign an Affidavit simple… Affidavit on January 3, 2012 at ______location I affirm I voted for Ron Paul. Notarize or have two witnesses sign witnessing their signature…send one to Ron Paul certified mail/ Return receipt; keep one for themselves to prove their vote…


Make sure there are NO OTHER BALLOT CARDS pre-made & ready to be 'SLIPPED IN' underneath the stack...



If they do try to use the August Straw Poll results

that would be the one where Ron Paul was practically tied with Michelle Bachmann for First Place! (27.7% vs. 28.6%)

That doesn't seem right, if they're pushing Romney the Dog-Tie-er! who came in 7th Place! with just a pathetic 3.4%!

Even with Herman Cain still in the race then, his votes certainly didn't go over to Romney, but mostly to Ron Paul!

We should be looking at a Ron Paul landslide here, folks. If not, we need to contest it!!!! I think the media has been lying about Romney being a frontrunner, he did so poorly there! Nobody likes the Dog-Tie-er!

THese party insiders

We can expect the same as last time for its the same GOP. To think that I had supported these criminals for decades. Oh well not for the past 30 years. We have to be one step ahead of them and so far we have done an excellent job. We are holding our breaths about what we will do when Iowa is all done.


We keep being assured that there is plenty of oversight

but I haven't seen this concern addressed from the campaign yet.

I am concerned

I am concerned. I just called the Iowa campaign office again, Aron said, that several other people have called after seeing this message.

He was more interested in getting back to answering phone calls. He did ask me for my name and number in case they have anymore questions.

I do not believe that any senior campaign officials have been notified. If anyone has Jesse Benton's phone number please call him and give him a head's up.


The campaign won't make any public accusations until

there is hard evidence.

The boots on the ground know what's up. Grassroots leaders and the regional campaign directors have stressed to us the need to be watchful from day one.

Be calm and eagle-eyed.

It seems the GOP establishment greatly underestimates what we have done here in Iowa this time around. We have an unparalleled ground game, with local meetup groups able to distribute information in a flash.

We know the establishment will try to pull some tricks. I fully expect them to be suggesting people to leave after the vote, and not stick around for the "party business" a.k.a. choosing delegates. They may even try to tamper with the vote, or disrupt it in some way.

Please, be assured that we WILL ensure that votes are accurately counted and reported, and those responsible for any shenanigans WILL be held accountable. We are a watchful bunch, with an eye for fairness no matter who comes out on top. When the smoke clears, I strongly believe Dr. Paul will prevail in Iowa.

It was on Cspan at

around 10:00 ct time this morning if someone knows how to embed it. It is ready important everyone sees it. It goes through the caucus system and will help people who are new to the caucus process.

Yes I saw her say that it says straw poll on the page

That went right over my head. Thank you for catching this!

Tie up the camel...

You know who you are. You know what to do. We have worked so hard for this moment. The buck stops here. Do it!


Thanks for seeing this!!

Thanks for seeing this!!

It's important to

It's important to let the establishment know that we know


If we have too....

pause the caucuses at the local level until proper documentation is provided. Ron Paul Supporters will wait!

Leave the cameras rolling

There is no expectation of privacy at these events. If asked to stop filming say ok and keep the camera on. You may want to put black tape over the red recording light, so people are unable to tell if you are filming.

Important Bump


Do not LEAVE!

after the polling takes place. This is the time when all the shenanigans and the delegate voting takes place. Make sure the vote is tabulated in front of all attendees. Make note of your precint and turn in the results to the campaign. If it is like our caucus state the voting essetially means nothing except to the morons who watch the results on the evening news.

Stick around. Nominate yourself as a delegate to the county, state and congressional caucus conventions. This is where candidates are really selected.

Be a delegate! Stand for freedom!


I don't know if you commented on DP back in 2007-2008, but I do recall us talking alot about this very subject. The importance of becoming a delegate and more importantly agressively shoot for the Chairperson spot if at all possible.

Yes, I did comment back then

Yes, I did comment back then. I wrote an outline of a campaign plan/strategy on how we could take over the state parties and get our delegates to the convention.

It was a huge success because we scared the hell out of the establishment by proving to them that we could organize!

I wrote to the Republican party chairman at the time and told him we were going to take over the party. I rubbed some salt into my comments and let them know that they were the ones who trained me on how to campaign on every single level. I am a trained machine...

I urged them to support Ron Paul or suffer the consequences.

They are listening now. To bring home a point, the Iowa caucuses will be nominating delegates tonight.

This is a perfect time to have organized our people to get our delegates to the convention. But, I do not believe the campaign has planed for this event, but, they may have.


I just spoke with Ron Paul's Iowa office

I just spoke with Ron Paul's Iowa office. I also explained that the state party could very easily create two types of forms.

Some forms that are in fact labeled as Caucus Results Forms and some labeled Straw Poll Forms, with the intent of confusing everyone.

I warned them to check every precinct to ensure they are all using the same forms.

They should challenge the use of these August Straw Poll forms.

I can just see them swapping the August results with today's results.

I fear the campaign might not be able to get the word out to everyone before the voting starts. This could turn out to be one of the biggest election frauds ever.

I believe the establishment will stop at nothing to prevent the Paul Machine from winning. Lets hope I'm wrong.

Just in case tell everyone to stay until they turn off the lights, lock the doors and drive away. Maybe then follow them to see where they take the tally forms...