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Request from Iowa: Please Stop Repeating the Smears on Daily Paul

I'm here on the ground in Iowa, having traveled 7 hours in a car from western Ohio to volunteer. I'm staying in Bettendorf with a VERY enthusiastic, dedicated group of Ron Paul volunteers from Indiana and Illinois, all working on GOTV efforts and stump speeches for the caucuses tonight.

I logged in to the Daily Paul to help get fired up and inspired, and half of the stories in the Active Topics are depressing, defeatist, and/or repeating outright LIES that have been discredited time and again.

I've been following Ron Paul for six years, so I know they're lies. Repeating it doesn't help. Stop spreading the memes.


Please just resist the urge today to help the DNC-controlled media by repeating their smears. It's just demoralizing to us here, and it's not helping all the undecided voters who discover The Daily Paul while they're researching Dr. Paul.

Please, just for today.

Kathleen in Bettendorf

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Exhale nothing negative into

Exhale nothing negative into the atmosphere

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

for all the people who are

for all the people who are not calling Iowa now. it is time for prayer...

Please read below.


100% Agreed.

Campaigns are like markets. Psychological momentum is how they are moved. Crowds behave like sheep. They follow. We should stop any and all negativity. It is a losing strategy. We all know that pumping silver or gold is the way to get them to move up, so let's practice the same technique here, please.

We are going to win the GOP nomination and then on to POTUS! WOOT!

spend your time

calling, canvassing, or donating, otherwise you really aren't helping the R3VOLUTION by just discussion and discourse

It's likely just troll activity.

Let the threads die. They will go away fairly quickly if you DON'T CLICK on them!

Give us clear vision, that we may know where to stand and what to stand for - because unless we stand for something, we shall fall for anything.
~ Peter Marshall, US Senate Chaplain 1947

I hear what you're saying

but we need to post those stories here so that we can get people in there to leave positive comments and combat the lies. It helps to get those articles to people like Tom Woods so they can in turn write brilliant rebuttals. I know it's a bit of a downer to see all the corruption and lies that come out of the establishment, but we mustn't avert our eyes from it. We must expose them.

I still think anything negative shouldn't even BE on the front

THere should be a "neg ad" or "smear" section that someone can GO TO but isn't featured on the front page or any of the posts within it. So anyone wanting to read the trash or participate in fueling it can go to their "corner" and do so.

Hell put the religious fighting and other non stop rants in there as well. People want the free speech etc but this is a private forum that I believe is wanting to help ron paul WIN and not simply be 100% unbiased and let ALL b.s. comments, threads and statements be posting and BUMPED nonstop.

I think the more negative threads you see here can and will affect people in a negative manner. We need POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE threads and BUMPED up posts to be shown on the front page, newest and recent post sections.

Take all that other stuff and put it in a "non seo searchable" section so that those who WANT TO SEE IT CAN but those NEW TO THE SITE have no clue where it is and start reading POSITIVE and PRODUCTIVE threads.

A great thing to have is a "just getting started" section so that NEW PEOPLE know what they should be doing and how to go about it.

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You said it! Can we at least

You said it! Can we at least put all the smearjobs in one place? Daily Paul has never been this depressing. We are bringing the Media Liefest into our own house. We have played into the media's hand. We are being complicit in demoralizing all of our hard working volunteers. We aren't stupid here. Why have we fallen for this? Put these hit pieces under a litter box heading where they belong.


only positive - straight ahead stuff for Ron Paul for liberty and peace. If anything the negative stuff should be ignored like the media tries to ignore the freedom message. Kudos to Kathleen and everyone helping in Iowa and especially to all who vote for Ron Paul tonight - let's win this thing!

Amen Sister!

I think that should be the trend for the rest of the campaign. We don't have time for self-defeating and negative focus. It's time to WIN!!!

Jack Wagner

Hi Kathleen

Just tell the troops we need to make it SO BIG for Paul that there can be no doubt!

And then we all get to enjoy putting egg on faces, crow in mouths, and tossing out a big "We told you so!"

God bless, we're there with you in spirit if not in body, and just let it make you all fight that much harder. We're proud of you all!

Okay - excellent advice -- how about a good Romney smear instead

But how about a good, true ROMNEY SMEAR???

He admits to tying his dog to the roof of his car for hours! Here he is laughing about it:


Good idea.

The media is counting on the smears dominating discussion in coming weeks.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Good message. Stay positive!

Good message. Stay positive!


Make it so!

truth liberate

This is encouraging : )

Ran across a couple of undecideds discussing who they voted for in an online poll asking "Who do you think will win in Iowa?"

"I voted for Ron Paul because his supporters are the most passionate, and you have to be passionate about your candidate to be willing to sit through a caucus. (You can't just check a box and leave, as they do in primary states.)"

"Amy--I think you make a good point about Ron Paul's organization---his supporters are supposed to be very passionate about him. We see that here on FR every day---his supporters are the only ones who are positive about their candidate, not just negative about President Obama."

How 'bout them apples ; )

Here, here!


Thanks Kathleen

I think what MANY fail to understand is that we have sent out literally MILLIONS of brochures that have the Daily Paul on the FRONT of the cover.

Every time someone drags up some dung that one of the establishment shills uttered, it just litters our front porch with unnecessary nonsense and works against ALL of the efforts to promote Ron Paul..

This isn't 2008. We working hard to BYPASS the media and invite voters to come HERE and read OUR side of the story, but instead some people want to act as a relay antennae for the MSM BS.


I don't care what some mega church pastor, or some no name blogger said about Ron Paul. I care about getting the RIGHT information in front of the RIGHT voters, at the RIGHT TIME.

I have a TV, with a cable subscription, and a radio too.

I don't need a play by play of what Fox News is broadcasting.

THINK before you POST!


So you complain about complaining? Perhaps you should consider that in a atempt at free speach just about anyone can make an account and post here. You can not defeat complaints with more and even greater complaints for if you are sucessful you end up with an even greater amount of what you did not want. May i suggest enlightened disengagement from coments that you do not feel motivated by. JUST DO NOT READ those coments that you do not like ore you can even vote them down.

THank you for your years and efforts to fight for peace freedome and liberty. For i have been voting RP into office for 30 or so years here in the 14th district of Texas. Best wishes.


Sounds more like a request

Sounds more like a request for help from the front lines rather than complaining. She said what she thought would be helpful for today.

Since there is plenty of good interviews and good smears against other candidates, it seems like quite a reasonable request.

I noticed there are some encouraging video's not being placed because of more focus on the negative. You see some good video links posted in with comments.

DON't be so quick to vote down comments

voting down comments without reply and explanation is pointless and even counter-productive. you will just discourage participation and enthusiasm. most of the people who post things here are not intending to do harm, they just don't understand how their comments will have negative results. if you are too damn lazy to explain your down vote, you may in fact be doing more harm than the comment you are critical of, especially when dealing with newly converted people. also, don't be harsh with people who may simply have an incomplete understanding of the liberty message. be a teacher, not a critic. you drive people any, then you are a liability, not an asset to the ron paul revolution.


Repeat Smears - BAD BUT Lack of First Amendment - Also BAD

The final decision is up to the blog owner as to how he defines smears.

I will say, however, that I have learned a lot from the information on Daily Paul concerning the smears.

I would not have fully understood the Chris Wallace or Hannity smears if it were not for discussion on this site.

It has helped me to be ready to defend Ron Paul to people who tell me about the attacks.

Also, it helps me to evaluate the best way to spend my limited time and pennies - able to recognize the initiatives I want to support.

And, if it is not on this site, potential voters would get the information from other sources, like Mark Levin, so would it not be better here?

Gene Louis
Supporting a Needed Tool for Government Feedback:
A Citizen-Operated Legal System.

Has anyone noticed we are all like brothers and sisters

When we are wrong our siblings slap us into line but we know when we are wrong and we do not like to hurt each other our Ron Paul (our father). We are all a little different but we are all united in Liberty. It's in our blood.

Positive input

Today is the day we send a message, we are tired, we are fed up, and we want our freedom back. The negativity that flows in the form of angst against our government is deplorable.
Many fathers are sitting in prisons today, because they were arrested for violations of laws that should be individual freedoms.
Many children are saddened today because they haven’t seen one of their parents for months as they are overseas fighting for a border that isn’t Americas.
Many men and women will go to work today, some twice as I do, to keep food on the table while paying outrageous taxes that don’t go towards a national debt, but only serves to keep us working.(slaves).
TODAY IS THE DAY! We must become a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Ron Paul shows amazing courage and leadership qualities, he can’t be bought.
He will continue on his pattern of voting only in line with the constitution.
He can restore dignity to our nation, prosperity to our families, and peace to our soil.
Pray as we prepare for the kind of change only truth can bring.
It is sad when freedom in its purest form of individual liberties sounds so foreign and unusual to our general populous.
Let us restore freedom, liberty, and justice.

Love of God , Love of Country, Love of family, Love of Life, Love of Liberty. I would take a bullet for this man.

I'm not holding my breath...

but perhaps, just perhaps this request might actually work. It seems that everyone has lost their friggin mind when it comes to posting things here. In the "off season" it was ok to post those things and pick them apart. But here we are in the middle of a war, trying to win hearts and minds and the negative posters have streamed out of the woodwork like cockroaches.

As has been said a hundred times...we ALL know there are negative articles out there and we all know that lies are being spread...IF you wish to read the lies and negative articles then by all means..please go do so. But why for the love of God would you post it here and take up valuable space that should be reserved for positive, uplifting, and valuable information?

Remember that we aren't always preaching to the choir here...there are people trying to learn about Ron Paul. I think that common sense should dictate that plastering the front page with negative topics and lies isn't exactly beneficial.

Again...I'm not holding my breath. The DP has had an injection of ignorance ever since the Dr. moved into first in Iowa. It is sad that people would spend so much time trying to wreck the campaign of a wonderful man that puts our country, us, and the Constitution first. Karma will come around and bite you on the ass and I hope it has rabies.

We all know

today is the day they count the vote. Its not about who votes or how many vote for which candidate, but its about who and how they count the vote. We have seen a history of vote fraud by the political parties by MSM and other three letter organizations and corporations. The constitution lays in tatters with little chance of ever being restored, the country have been reduced to debt slave status with IRS collecting the extorted theft called income tax to satisfy a compounding national debt that was created out of thin air by a private HUMAN owned bank corporation. Its time to be a little crazy, we are waiting to see a crack in the wall, to see if we have penetrated the evil counterfeit system. Its report card day, will they change the grades from A to F? again>



Great advice!

Resist the temptation to feed the trolls.


We are going to win in Iowa and we are the future. Give us Liberty for all of our lives.