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Fellow Ron Paul Supporters, this is what it's all about!

Fellow Ron Paul Supporters, this is what it's all about.


At this time last year 2 of my 100 friends on Facebook were Ron Paul supporters, my dad and my mom.

At this time now I count 13 of my 113 friends as Ron Paul supporters.
That's 12%. And that's only those that I'm sure of.

You might say, "Well 12% isn't a whole lot."

Well when you consider the state I live in, SC, that's a pretty good bit, especially for a small town.
In 2008 RP only garnered 4% of the SC primary vote. So 12% is great growth in this
Good Ol' boy, strong neocon and war mongering state that Lindsay Graham calls home.

Of the 13, 2 are my parents. That leaves 11. Of those eleven,
9 were my friends at this time last year and 2 I friended this year.

One I met on an Atlanta Braves Facebook group before a game in July when we got to talking about politics.
There were at least 5 on that forum of 50 who were Ron Paul supporters. Had you told me that would happen
in 2007, I would have laughed.

The other I friended this year is a local guy who commented on my cousin's post regarding Romney.
He friended me when he found that I was a RP supporter.

Of the remaining nine, 5 are veterans of the war on terror.
An Army Ranger who served on the front lines of the Iraq
Invasion in 2003, an Army Ranger who served in Afghanistan,
a Para-trooper who served in Afghanistan, a Marine who served
two tours in Iraq and a marine who served in both Korea and Japan.

And then there's the lady above (blacked out for confidentiality), who when I met her was, like I once was,
a neoconservative who hung on every word of Fox News.

This, folks, is what makes it all worth while!

Fellow RP supporters, keep fighting the good fight! It's paying off.

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Tell her

Tell her, welcome aboard!... prepare for a bumpy ride

Good to see.

Good to see.