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Great News!

So I was just on Facebook and one of my friends he posted a Ron Paul video and said vote Ron Paul! I told him that it was a great video and he replied with:

"I've never voted in my life, but I've been up all night and this morning watching his videos on youtube and doing research on him, this guy is it, I've never donated money to any political establishment or movement but i donated to this guys campaign and i'm voting for the first time in my life for this man."

He also told me he started researching Dr. Paul because of all the videos and articles I post about him!

This has put a huge smile on my face and I hope it will put one on the faces of all the DPer's that read this!!! Today is going to be a GREAT day!!!

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Keep it up!

Keep it up!


I think everyone could use a good victory story today to help curb the anxiety!

Fb is huge

I have converted a bunch of people

Patriot News
Stand up For your Civil Rights


It has been one of my best tools to convert people to Dr. Paul! I mean that is how Obama got a lot of support in 2008....


I post videos all the time on Facebook. I am actually starting to see the same thing with people I am friends with. People I would have never thought would be Ron Paul supporters liking the videos I post. But I also get the Gingrich lovers and that is always a fun debate.