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ACLU Liberty Watch 2012 report card

Gary Johnson and Ron Paul got higher ratings than Obama and all of the other candidates. I think RP should have gotten 4 torches for ending torture, and more than 1 torch for support of gay marriage. I personally don't care what the ACLU has to say, but a lot of people do pay attention to them and 2 Libertarians topped their list, which is telling:



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The ACLU is a fraud. They

The ACLU is a fraud. They ranked Bernie Sanders higher than both Gary Johnson and Ron Paul the last time I looked at it. That tells you something, because Bernie Sanders is a socialist and has no problems taking your money and redistributing it to others without your consent.

I don't think the standard of what constitutes civil liberties is defined correctly.

For example, if you're pro-life, you get dinged on your report card. Wonderful. How dare you tell a woman - or anyone - that they don't have a right to murder another human being. I guess if you're murderer, your score on their report card goes up.

I wouldn't be surprised that voting against affirmative action and other collectivist types of legislation also gets you a ding on your report card too.

I saw this yesterday. Glad to

I saw this yesterday. Glad to see Ron and Gary both beat Obama on ACLU's report card. That might help wake up some of these self proclaimed progressives who so blindly support Obama.

I loved the zero torches

I loved the zero torches Obama got for ending the surveillance state. Also, I apologize if someone posted these links yesterday, I just saw it today.

EDIT: Found a previous post regarding this:


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