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Speaking positively by request

Today is the day we send a message, we are tired, we are fed up, and we want our freedom back. The negativity that flows in the form of angst against our government is deplorable.
Many fathers are sitting in prisons today, because they were arrested for violations of laws that should be individual freedoms.
Many children are saddened today because they haven’t seen one of their parents for months as they are overseas fighting for a border that isn’t Americas.
Many men and women will go to work today, some twice as I do, to keep food on the table while paying outrageous taxes that don’t go towards a national debt, but only serves to keep us working.(slaves).
TODAY IS THE DAY! We must become a government of the people, by the people and for the people.
Ron Paul shows amazing courage and leadership qualities, he can’t be bought.
He will continue on his pattern of voting only in line with the constitution.
He can restore dignity to our nation, prosperity to our families, and peace to our soil.
Pray as we prepare for the kind of change only truth can bring.
It is sad when freedom in its purest form of individual liberties sounds so foreign and unusual to our general populous.
Let us restore freedom, liberty, and justice.