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Pro-Paul Website Kookyronpaul.com

Friends of Liberty and Ron Paul: I have created a very Pro-Ron Paul website and gave it a name with a twist to entice the "anti-Pauls" into taking a peek. I've posted links to great videos and articles which should convince every sane American of voting age, that we desperately need Ron Paul for President in 2012. Please visit www.kookyronpaul.com and pass it around to all you know. I don't get a single penny from the site; just trying to help Dr. Paul explain his messages of truth, so he can get elected and give our Government back to the people. Peace and Ron Paul in 2012!

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Guess what folks? Google has removed all traces of kookyronpaul.com from it's site. Last week, if you typed kookyr into the Google Search Bar, my site came up as the top three or four items found in the search. Guess Google is not a fan of Ron Paul.