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I see that the Super Voter Brochure Icon was taken down on Daily Paul.

Did we reach our goal or we stopped by time? I know we need to focus on all states but the next two states would be Nevada & Minnesota.... Both of these states we had good results the last time. Minnesota has a lot of Liberal & Independents that would come over to vote for Ron Paul.

I think someone from Florida mention that they were able to canvas directly to Super Voters so we wouldn't have to pay for shipping of brochures?

Any way great to see that we were able to get South Carolina is done and now to move on!

Which state do you think we should try to fund raise for next to target?

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Florida & Nevada next up

Thanks for your concern!

We are now working on putting up threads for Florida and Nevada. ChipIn efforts for these states are already underway, and you can find them at http://www.ronpaulchipin.com

Florida is HUGE! We will need to put in an historic effort. In fact, there are a lot of states that will be coming around the corner. It looks like every state will be a player, as we run towards the convention.

Save your money! It will be crucial in the coming weeks.

ChipIn to send superbrochures! Find a collection event here: http://www.ronpaulchipin.com