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Adam almost gets Joe scarborough to endorse Dr Paul

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I like and hate Joe.Joe

I like and hate Joe.

Joe off-air is a great guy. Virtually every time I've heard him speak, whether it was about Ron Paul, or just what he believes in (like the Jan Helfeld interviews), he is very likeable.

Then on air, he's a totally different person. This is the Joe I hate.

I guess you gotta believe that the man on air is the *real* Joe though. If he was *really* the guy off-air, he wouldn't be doing his show and saying the things he says about Ron Paul for MSNBC. He would have quit a long time ago.

I guess scarborough can actuall think for himself...

when he's not reading a script.


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Adam did a great job

on this.

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Hes nice when he's not on

Hes nice when he's not on t.v, but he trashes RP, I'm watching him now on morning joe, I record it everyday. I wish he would endorse him, I know his son loves RP, so I don't understand why he isn't. We need to get ahold of his son some how! What u think?

juan maldonado