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Michael Savage says Ron Paul doesn't talk about NDAA

I was just listening to Michael Savages radio show during my lunch (it replays here at noon and it's either him or Limbaugh) and he again attacked Ron Paul, stating Ron Paul doesn't talk about NDAA or defend against it.

My blood started boiling. I can't find an audio.

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Savage is a Scumbag!

I always figured Savage might support Ron Paul- being that he considers himself an outsider, when it comes to the talk radio mafia. He has warned of Obama staging false flags, called the 2007 financial crisis economic terrorism, and has questioned US foreign policy at times. But someone influential must have his ear-- someone who demands Savage attack Dr. Paul.

Savage is a true nativist, in the ugliest sense, and he plays the anti-semite card???? POS!

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Savage is getting to be as

Savage is getting to be as bad as that POS Levin.

Maybe, Michael Savage

isn't listening or hearing well. Maybe, he should get his hearing tested.

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Don't waste your blood

Don't waste your blood pressure on something Michael Savage says. IMO the guy is an egomaniac who says anything sensational to get a little attention. I've agreed with him on some things, but couldn't stand listening to him talk about himself, etc., that I lost interest.

I heard it & there is SOMETHING WRONG with Savage, imho.

I really think something is wrong. He's making no sense, and if he thinks his listeners aren't listening, think again. He knows and doesn't care about losing the RP Americans.

But, he made absolutely no sense from the week before making supportive statements of Dr. Paul, to this week making such vitriolic statements.

Very disgusting. My mom who isn't voting is off of him, and so are we.

TURN HIM OFF...in the future!

Dr. Paul talks about it

Dr. Paul talks about it whenever he can!

He's usually too busy answering questions like...

"What did you think of Romney's hair during the debate last night?"

"What do you like best about Gingrich?"

"Why are you falling in the polls"

"Are you going to run as an independent?"

etc, etc, etc,

“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
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Don't forget

"Are you a former chairman of the KKK?"

Do you suppose that our man could use NDAA?

When elected could Ron Paul use NDAA to arrest indefinitely the crooks who caused the destruction of America such as Ben, OX, Rummy, Chainsaw, Shrub, Diamond, Ben (twice), Blankf**k,3/4 of the senate and congress who voted for NDAA, and put them into the cells vacated by the released pot incarcerated folks? Even though it would be unconstitutional?

Is that why they're scared of him? And don't forget Wallace ... just because. Just wondering.

This needs to be refuted...

I can't find an email for him, can't listen to his show when it airs. People need to call in, make youtube videos and blast this bafoon for the idiot he is. I don't have the means yet.



“Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy.”
― Ron Paul