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Bump Dr. Paul on Catholic Polls/Websites

I'm really glad that Dr. Paul and the message of liberty are resonating with Evangelicals and other Christians (it should!); unfortunately, I haven't noticed this type of response in the Catholic community; many are supporting Gingrich and Santorum favoring religion "in name" over religious truth. Although many know Santorum can't win, they (mistakenly) see him as an honest, protest vote for the cause of truth, morality, and liberty; they will continue to vote this way until they are guided toward the truth. I would encourage fellow Christians and non-Christians alike to consider voting and writing simple, humble comments in Catholic polls in addition to the other online venues since he is not yet adequately represented in this community. Thanks.

To set the record straight, I consider myself a pretty devout Catholic and have a solid grasp of theology/morality/philosophy; it is easy for me to endorse Ron Paul because his platform is both the closest in line with the true Catholic perspective and makes the most sense in the contexts of history and "the human condition".

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CatholicVote on facebook is a good place to start