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Ron Paul's March on Washington - Article from the Daily Bell

From one of my favorite blogs, thedailybell.com today writes:

Excerpt: "...A Ron Paul win would surely puncture this air of inevitability. It would also expose more people than ever to the truth-telling of Ron Paul's rhetoric. The power elite uses dominant social themes – fear-based promotions – to frighten people into accepting one-world government. Ron Paul's election would further debunk the efficacy of these themes

The best way to deal with the Ron Paul phenomenon is to reduce it at any given juncture. This can be done through all manner of "dirty tricks" and these are apparently ongoing even now.

With Ron Paul threatening to win in Iowa, the Iowa GOP bosses are putting pressure on voters NOT to vote for Ron Paul. That's actually been reported in a video of a talk show host in Iowa entitled "Republican Insider: GOP Establishment Planning To Subvert Iowa to Prevent Ron Paul Win."

Then, over at Robert Wenzel's Economic Policy Journal there's this report: "HOT: 'Error' on Poll Results Put Santorum Ahead of Ron Paul ... With just days remaining until the all-important Republican Iowa caucuses, a left-leaning political newspaper based near the nation's capital made a critical error in reporting the results of the final Des Moines Register opinion poll before voters gather Tuesday ...

"On Saturday evening Politico incorrectly reported that the poll showed former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum 'climbing to second [place] at 21 percent and Ron Paul in third, with 18 percent.' In fact, Paul took second place with 22 percent of the vote. Santorum was third with 15 percent." ..."

for the whole article got to:


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In the comments section there

In the comments section there was this link; I think all will like it.


No Problem!

I have a 'Daily' habit...the dailypaul and the dailybell. They are the two blogs I visit every day without fail!


If my need to be RIGHT is greater than my desire for TRUTH, then I will not recognize it when it arrives ~ Libertybelle

Nice article. Thx.

Nice article.

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