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Video Update: Ron Paul on Cavuto 1/3/2012

Video - Thanks to SaveOurSovereignty(3)


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Cavuto's always fair whenever

Cavuto's always fair whenever he deals with Ron Paul. I caught a couple of negative comments on here towards him and I just wanted to ask some of you guys to chill out a bit.

Cavuto has given RP more fair press than almost anyone at Fox News and, for that matter, wasn't it about a week ago that he got onto the entire press, including his cohorts at Fox, for writing off RP? (Remember the Thank You Bomb we sent him? LOL) He's been very fair, and even charitable, to Dr. Paul in his interviews. I do believe, this time, he was doing a bit of playing Devil's Advocate, but it was in a very fair and cordial manner. Also, I appreciate the hell out of him for not trying to put words in Dr. Paul's mouth.

charismatic psychopath

What is disgusting, is not recognizing what disgusting is and then providing an excuse for that activity.

Cavuto has no shame, the vary definition of a charismatic psychopath.

Wayne Paul/Alex Jones Interview

Wayne Paul (Ron's brother) is talking about Election Fraud wit Alex Jones! Listen in!!


I don't get it

How does the media not see any distinguishable difference between calling someone "disgusting" and calling someone out on the issues?!?

One is a completely personal attack and is what I consider negative campaigning, while the other is a form debate in the form of ads...I do not consider Ron Paul's ads nasty in the least. There's a big difference between what Dr. Paul has said and what Santorum said. Cavuto, I admire your attempts to be respectful with Dr. Paul, but can't you understand?

That was lame.

And, why is this on the front page? Cavuto must be towing the line so he can continue to feed his family - stay employed.

Cavuto cagey

about RPs chances of winning Iowa. Why? Because if he said anything that hinted that Ron Paul might win first and is doing well, the banksters would shoot his dog.

A sophisticated passive-aggressive attack by Cavuto

It's clear Cavuto is still anti-constitution and anti-Paul or at least willing to do the bidding of his masters. He only pretends to be friendly with Ron Paul to have him on, but his overall theme whenever he has Ron Paul on right before elections is still to detract from him. He begins the interview with edited attacks from the other 'establishment attack dog' fake candidates.

This means Cavuto likely supports Romney.

In this sense, he's the worst type of propagandist, because he's very deceptive and many people probably watch his propaganda without really paying attention to what he's doing. A propagandist that is blatantly unfair, resulting in people seeing through their propaganda, is not as effective.

Cavuto is still a little punk.


Which LIVE FEED for Tonight in IOWA is the best to watch, does anyone know??? Thanks!

I would say C-Span


Life, Liberty... and the Pursuit of Happiness.

Cavuto's nicer on Fox Business

Here he was on Faux News, so he cowered out.

You can tell he feels slimy, at least.

Ron Paul's Romney Attack Ad

Ron Paul is still on the offensive today, launching his most fierce attack yet on Mitt Romney! Take a listen to the radio ad!

LISTEN HERE -> http://bit.ly/ygUrnK


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Excellent Why-Mitt-can't-win-against-Obm radio ad!

For building a greater stronger WINNABLE GOP . . . Ron Paul is the only logical candidate!

For a STRONGER economically sound USA . . . Ron Paul is the only choice for the Presidency!!

It was a fair interview, but

It was a fair interview, but still, it has been a long time since I have heard anyone ask RP about his actual policy proposals, especially on the domestic side.

Poll on yahoo.com...

Mitt Romney is winning?
You guys know what to do

Why am I not surprised that

Why am I not surprised that Mitt Romney's supporters use Yahoo?

Romney 48% Paul 36%

i think if you refresh yahoo

you can vote as much as you want

yahoo is fail

Is anyone else not surprised this is what is trending on yahoo.

01 iPad rumors
02 Bonnie Raitt
03 Wendi Deng
04 Dakota Fanning
05 Demi Moore
06 D'Angelo
07 Cindy Sheehan
08 Minimum wage
09 Oil prices
10 Electric cars

we have the most important GOP election about to start in Iowa and yahoo fools are worried about ipads and Demi moore. Who the hell is Boonnie Raitt anyway?....This is why yahoo fails...

Probably not a good idea

Probably not a good idea though.

It is an enormous simplification to speak of the American mind. Every American has his own mind.

~Ludwig von Mises

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Ron's ads are the plain truth.

Neil refered to Ron Paul's ads as being nasty and tried to make a comparison about the others. Neil, you should know better then that.

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

He doesn't call anybody "disgusting."

Santorum is disgusting to say such a thing. The worst Ron Paul has called anyone is a flip-flopper, or hypocrite. He hasn't said no decent human being could support these flip flopping hypocrites.

Yes (link to tube is below)

Yes (link to tube is below) but it was still a fair Cavuto interview and it gave Ron a chance to rebut. I saw no malice there, like Hanity and no interruption. All in all I would call it darned decent.

It's tiresome to think that

It's tiresome to think that all these corporate commentator types approach this electoral process as just a game ranting foul when people don't follow their advice or agree with their opinions. Did they all take "political punditry 101" so they can strategize like armchair candidates and inflict their basic gaming opinions on the naive but wary voter who is truly concerned about America and the direction the country is going and who values the merits of the candidate.

Any Links?

Anyone for Links for the cavuto and blizter interveiws?


[video] Ron Paul Cavuto Interview Pre Iowa Caucus Vote


Airing Date jan 03, 2012

Ron Paul Interview Pre Iowa Caucus Vote


Can you embed this in the Main post for the orignal poster?


cavuto was just talking to this guy from iowa - and asked him if he thought that people should focus on who comes in second if ron paul wins.....

and the guy said that "there was some validity to that"


Meanwhile Wolfe is talking to

Meanwhile Wolfe is talking to Rand on CNN. He's doing great and was talking about Iran when I switched over. I'm sure we'll get a link soon enough.

Cavuto = Joke

everyone was so excited that one time Cavuto sorta came to RP aid .... this was so - "let's try to make Iowans think that RP is a bad guy like they rest with negative ads etc.." what I took away from that piece was - are you really electable - same old crap from every network ....

Come On Iowa - Show MSM What The Real Deal Is .... Vote Ron Paul

Neil is scared. Righteous!

Tiptoed through that one, didn't he?

Mr. Cavuto has seen the writing on the wall, and has been defending Ron lately.

I hope this becomes a trend...

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