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WND poll needs help

Ron Paul wins (15.72%) is almost two points behind Santorum wins (17.48%). Paul would be higher except for a lot of votes for another choice, Ron Paul wins, but media downplay it (11.66%). I suggest voting for Ron Paul wins.


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A foolish poll ;-[

A foolish and poorly designed poll that was created by a failing high school student.

Their slogin should be

Their slogin should be "American's theocracy-wanna-be news network". Joseph Farrah is a collectivist just as the ones already in power.


Thank you for voting!

Romney wins 12.42%

Paul wins 15.93%

Bachmann wins 3.12%

Perry wins 1.72%

Hunstman wins 0.15%

Santorum stuns with a first-place finish 17.44%

Ginrich wins as the Comeback Kid 5%

Buddy Roemer stuns the world and wins 0.38%

Romney wins, but Santorum's strong finish shocks the nation 7.89%

Paul wins, but media downplay it 11.7%

Paul wins, but Santorum is the big story 3.39%

Paul wins, and GOP establishment retreats in fear 2.93%

Romney-Paul-Santorum in a virtual tie 3.25%

It doesn't matter. Look at Huckabee. 14.68%

RP R3VOLution

The actual current total is 33.67 percent for Ron Paul wins

They have four different Ron Paul wins scenarios - total them up and the current total is 33.67% - a very wide lead over any other candidates.

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Vote Dilution

Looks like some serious vote dilution going on here. If the total up all the various choices for "Paul wins" he is winning by a landslide but the poll is designed it looks like Santorum is winning. Vote "Paul Wins" so we do not dilute our votes among the various choices.

yes, sneaky, sneaky...

3 alt RP win choices, only 1 alt Mitt wins option, none for Santorum

RP R3VOLution