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Glenn Beck Half Wrong about Ron Paul.

I was sooooo frustrated today when Glenn Beck was on the AIR today, along with Pat and Stew, bashing Ron Paul...Again.
Public School educated Glenn generally loves Ron Paul as long as we are talking domestic issues and the Constitution on domestic policy. But he fails again and again to understand that the same principles apply to foreign policy. In particular Glenn was bashing Paul about his stand on World War 2 and how he believes we didn't need to get involved. This is a complicated matter to just state why Ron Paul may be of that opinion. However, the wars were Constitutional and the Congress voted for them. We fought the Wars and then and it was over. Ron Paul supports following the Constitution because even if the American People and Congress were duped, at least they can correct the mistake. If one man is taking us to wars without end without the people's consent, we can't stop them as we have found out. Can we start focusing on educating Glenn "Half Wrong" Beck on Constitutional foreign policy? I've tried for the last 5 years to wake him up by giving him wake up material... and frankly has come along way.. I think if he was forced to debate foreign policy, he'd come around. Judge Nap. could debate him since their friends.. Does anyone on here have more axis to Glenn then I do? I don't believe he's hopeless. Just IGNORANT. He's surrounded by Bachmann type people who haven't studied history or economics. Frustrating.

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Glenn is a closet Paul Supporter - he just can't come out

1) His church may not forgive him
2) His bread is buttered by jewish interest that he just spent the last year re-building after the Jewish Funds for Justice had him fired from Fox for being negative towards Jews.

He wants Ron Paul, but if he says it, he thinks he'll lose all the Jewish support he worked so hard to create over the last year. Which is ridiculous!

He doesn't deserve all that credit.

He is a paid propagandist and liar. That's IT.

People are dying in the Middle East and America is self-destructing because of lies. He acts all innocent, but his role in world affairs has actually been devastating.

Glenn Beck is a Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck is a Glenn Beck supporter, in and out the closet.