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Moveon.org is misleading people about Dr. Paul on their homepage

Was just shown that moveon.org is publishing a chart graphic on their homepage today that is misrepresenting Dr. Paul. Not only did they not include Obama in this chart, who is a top offender, but they failed to really touch on the reality of his positions and generalized him as just another republican who's in it for helping only the rich.

In case you want to set the record straight:

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Irrelevant. Everyone phone


Everyone phone bank for Ron Paul if you want to win, continue worrying about the internet if you don't care how the campaign does in Iowa.

Freedom and Reason, the highest ideals.

Ok, so those of us at work

Ok, so those of us at work with laxed internet restrictions should just sit and wait? Gotcha.

Right, because the opposite

Right, because the opposite of obsessing about what other people are saying is to do nothing.

These are the sorts of (non)arguments Dr. Paul has to put up with all the time.

Freedom and Reason, the highest ideals.

And how many people have you

And how many people have you called while wasting time on the internet telling me that's it's a bad idea to state the facts?

I really don't care what moveon.org thinks or does.

Lets be clear that anyone who understands and supports what moveon.org and George Soros stand for will not be Ron Paul Supporters.

This isn't true. Just

This isn't true. Just because someone reads articles or even just the headlines from any given website doesn't mean that they completely support everything that the site stands for. I know a decent amount of people who stay up to date on moveon.org who have been pretty open minded in regards to RP, and have become supporters of his. That fact is proven in the comments section on this moveon.org article. And that's good...people should be coming to his defense in all areas of the internet, not just areas that already support him.

You mean moveon.org thinks..?

I think you overestimate them.

Support the Constitution of the United States

Don't be so sure.

No it's not "clear". I personally know some on-the-verge progressive types, who could easily be part of the blue republican movement with the right knowledge... who are readers of that site and other like it. Doesn't hurt to state the facts in all places available to help another awakening. :) I'm engaged to one such progressive who is now a Paul supporter. All it takes is proper explanation.