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[730] 940 People On Daily Paul?

I'm definitely pretty new to the Ron Paul bandwagon...less than a month ago...but I recall the #'s on here at that time being, on average, about 400-450 people. Welcome to all the new Paul fans or just those checking out the message.

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What if all of them

Called to get out the vote, and made a donation!

Phone From Home:

4 hours later...

up to 940!

Not sure but....

I think that is how many are in a chat here.

If you scroll to the bottom, it shows about 5100 currently visiting in some way.

Gotcha. Thanks for the clarification.

I think the chat #'s have gone up by a few hundred folks or about 90%.

yeha that's the chat, but

yeha that's the chat, but that's promising too. The chat started somewhere around a 400 avg per any given time. Now we see over 700 all day today. It was in the 600s the last few days/week

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