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First Time Caller

Since the kids are in school and my wife wasn't home I got a little bored and decided to do some volunteer phone calling for Ron Paul for the first time. Out of the 39 calls I made, 4 of them were going to vote for Paul. I only had 3 people hang up and all the rest were voice mails.

I have to admit that this is some fun stuff to do and though they ask you not to veer off the script it is impossible once they start asking questions. That is where the fun begins! I talked to 3 senior citizens and 1 young guy in his early 20's and they were voting for RP without a doubt. One of the older ladies was hating Gingrich big time and blamed him for lying about Ron Paul's gay marriage stance. Man that is a blast!

Back to work!!!!!!

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10% commitment on cold calls is FANTASTIC

The rate is typically 2-3%.

So, pat yourself on the back. You did something right!

You bet it is, that is a huge

You bet it is, that is a huge number.


Actually when I logged back on it was 5 callers saying yes to Paul. The percentage was 12.5 I believe. I am going on a blitz at 5pm EDT. I think I can afford to do 100 more calls from my mobile phone because of the minutes I have left.

New Hampshire folks are going to know me on a first name basis after this weekend.