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CNN: Ron Paul has the most support on social networks online!

Campaign-tech scorecard: How the candidates compare online

Ron Paul:

Twitter followers: 150,192 (plus 96.605 for his Congress account)

Facebook page "likes": 675,897

YouTube channel views: 35,591,936 (Note: He's had the account since 2008.)

Klout score: 75

Style: Paul's Facebook page has a dash of personality, including links to articles about him, photos of supporters and family events, and even the occasional "politician-with-baby" shot. Under "likes" he lists his son, U.S. Sen. Rand Paul.

Sample tweet: "Thank you for supporting today's money bomb! If you haven't had a chance yet, you can donate here: http://ow.ly/826Mq #RonPaul"

Noteworthy: In 2008, Paul was dominant online, with an active presence and diehard followers who flocked to push him to the top of online polls, even when the real polls didn't coincide. This year, other candidates have caught up with his campaign's Web presence, but he's polling better in the numbers that matter.


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Of coarse they had to add this comment...

(Note: He's had the account since 2008.)


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