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Ed Rollins to Shep Smith: "This is between Mitt and Paul"

Rollins was just on with Shep and basically admitted that Iowa is between Mittens and Dr Paul due to their excellent ground game. He told Shep that both Santorum and Newt are done after Iowa and that Bachmann needs to drop out to save her career after Iowa. Granted, Rollins isn't a Paul supporter, but he plain out said the GOP needs to treat Paul and his supporters fairly because the GOP needs us to beat Obama. He probably hopes we join mittens (not happening)but knows it would be moronic to make an arse out of him and his supporters. Rand is currently on with Shep. I'm hoping somebody posts Rand's interview. He is debunking the usual drugs, prostitution etc BS

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Anyone got a YouTube link?

Anyone got a YouTube link?

Holly Cow!

I just watched the Ed Rollins piece AND the magnificent Rand interview!

Rand is an AMAZING speaker! He's able to diffuse any attack that the media throws at him in a way that no other politician can.

I would love to watch that interview again!

I just watched Rand. He owned

I just watched Rand. He owned Shep. Shep was trying to spin again.

Charles Ballard