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We will work Harder!

No matter what happens in Iowa, tomorrow we work harder.
If we win, then we know that what we are doing is working, and we will begin to work harder to ensure similar results in other states.
If we come in anywhere but 1st, we know we need to work harder so we can start winning other states.
It doesn't matter the outcome, we work harder and keep the avalanche moving. We will make more phone calls, knock on more doors, spread the message to more people, and continue to fight for our liberty.
A strong showing in Iowa will legitimize Ron Paul in the eyes of many citizens who've believed the MSM's "unelectable" story. For all those who said, "I like Ron Paul, but there is no way he'll get the nomination", today is the day they become Ron Paul voters, moneybombers, and DailyPaulers. After today, they will have no excuse.
Yesterday, we fought for legitimacy. Today, we prove that our candidate is a contender. Tomorrow, we work harder to ensure victory!

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