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Rand Paul on FOX with Shepard Smith 01/03/12

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Shep is following the Rachel Maddow line of attack.

He wasn't interested in the principle involved, or getting a clear answer. He was trying to get a soundbite that could be used against Ron Paul.

I just lost all respect for Smith.

You mean you previously had some?

Must be those eyes...

Leges sine moribus vanae

"Have you stopped beating you wife, Rand?"

"Have you stopped beating you wife, Rand?"
"i've never beat my wife!!"
"does that mean you've stopped or haven't stopped? just answer the question. what have you got to hide?!!"

"today Rand Paul storms out of interview after being confronted with spouse abuse and not denying it!!"

Lmfao! "Journalists"...

Lmfao! "Journalists"...

I just want some clarity

So what you're saying Smith is... What about the crazy-ass hypothetical outlandish and entirely impossible chance that a state doesn't make a law against drugs? What then? You see, we can't just trust the states to make the right decisions we have to tell them what the right decisions are. And that goes for everyone... no one is smart enough to make their own decisions we should be making their decisions for them.

I'm a peaceful dude, but I really want to throw something at this guy when I hear horse manure like this.

And what if the federal government makes the wrong choice?

Well, then, we need a one-world government to impose the "right" choice on all nations. And if that doesn't work out...?

A better question....

...would have been: "If RP was a state legislator, how would he vote with his Libertarian philosophy, to criminalize or decriminalize heroin?"

How would you answer?

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

You're so right

And I would answer the same way I wish Rand would've answered the question he was asked:

"Shep, why would you want to imprison the user of ANY drug? Do you own your body, or does the government? You must like paying taxes, because so much of it is wasted on the war on drugs. Fortunately, an increasing number of Americans prefer freedom. Do you know that over half of Americans favor legalization of marijuana?"

But I love Rand, and he did fine, and maybe, according to the political experts, his answer was better.

The more obvious the propoganda

.. like this?

The more likely enough of the people with half a brain left will start seeing right through it.

Because it is so obvious - they are driving people right to Dr Paul.

How many remains to be seen ...


Hereby nominate Rand. Supporters in Kentucky might start thinking about who would be a good replacement for when this dude becomes VP... ;-)

I suggest we all contact Fox

I suggest we all contact Fox news, and let them know what we think about Shepard and his interview.


foxreport@foxnews.com (for shepard smith)

I just did.

I just did.

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He would INSTRUCT his generals!
Is this Constitutional or what?
This is WHY we have civilian control of our military. Fundamental.
This is WHY we are different than just about all other counties in the world.
This is Why we need a man with unswerving principles in this position.
This is Why we need to make Dr. Paul, President Paul.
Thank you Rand, that just made my day.

"I just want to live in a free country" - Dr. Ron Paul

Shepard Smith, what a horse's ass!

He wanted clarity in such a way that he twisted a position honoring state's rights into one that promotes drug use. He also looks like he has AIDS, so he might need some of that legal pot.

WOW what a jerk

Shepard Smith is usually not such a jerk. He is so out of character. Fox hates Ron Paul so much

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Fox has ordered the attack dogs to draw blood.

The talking heads are also on a warpath to try and destroy Ron Paul, and if they have to, Rand Paul in the process.
The MSM is vicious and corrupt, IMO. Rand Paul made Smith look like a fool.

Fishing for a soundbite

This jackass was fishing for a negative soundbite and Rand didn't give it to him. Rand handles media extremely well. I can't wait to see him run for President.

Wow, on the Propaganda!

I've been unplugged from cable TV for some time....The mainstream media are absolute shameless cheerleaders for BS...Shocking how far they have evolved...
PURE PROPAGANDA. Makes my skin crawl. So very very primitive. AND OBVIOUS!

American media has degenerated into pure propaganda

It's not much better now than the media of totalitarian state. Over time, as the counterfeiters have bought up and consolidated the media with their counterfeit money, they have gained almost complete control.

The only thing changing things now is the freedom still left on the Internet and word of mouth.

Check out this graph: www.dailypaul.com/135443/

Dr. Ron Paul supports our Bill of Rights

That is what this bickering and lying by Shepard was really about. Shepard Smith is a soldier of the enemies of our Constitution and was attempting to distort Ron Paul's support of our Bill of Rights and Amendment 10 of our Constitution.

Claiming Ron Paul supports the legalization heroin is not only a lie, but is a way to wrongly suggest we should violate our Constitution and rights.

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Shepard Smith's appearance is looking like Frankenstein.

He doesn't doesn't look well to me. He been with Fox too long, it's affecting his health.
Anyway, he just got a lesson in Liberty from Rand Paul.

He's becoming more like

He's becoming more like Senator Palpatine becoming the Emporer... His appearance is becoming more disfigured the more he's exposed to the dark forces of Fox.


"but the generals don't want to leave"...who the hell cares what the generals want! Did he realize how bat$hit crazy and dangerous that sounded? Ron Paul would be the Commander in Chief and if they say no...oh ok...how about we just relieve you of duty, give you a dishonorable dicharge for disobeying a superior officer, take your retirement, and send you back to your humble beginnings in a military prison.

Holy sheesh... Shep unrelenting to link RP with heroin

And we're all supposed to play along like we're oblivious to his game. As if there couldn't possibly be any other word to elaborate on Ron Paul's position.

Say for example, a state law "free ice cream Tuesday's"? Nope! The message must be... Ron Paul=heroin

If men are good, you don't need government; if men are evil or ambivalent, you don't dare have one.


He has learned much from his battle with the statist corporate media in his own Senatorial campaign.

Rand Paul has become a Jedi Master at destroying their attempted caricature of his dad's libertarian/Constitutional platform.

Let it not be said that no one cared, that no one objected once it’s realized that our liberties and wealth are in jeopardy. -Ron Paul 7/10/03

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I was surprised to see this from Shep

... forever seared in my mind was his yelling on Fox that "this is America, and we do not ****** torture!!!".

He may still be working for the folks at Fox, but I don't think he's a complete neocon. He is one of the few I think could be persuaded to join the liberty movement, given time.

Shepard Smith is a paid propagandist not a journalist

Most in the mainstream media today are.

Even when Shepard was yelling, 'America doesn't torture,' what he was really doing was covering up our torture through denial.

To those against torture, it appeared that he was criticizing our government for using torture, but what he was actually trying to imply is that because we are America we don't torture, period - as if we never have.

Shepard Smith is a soldier of the corrupt establishment, make no mistake about it. He receives his orders and attempts to follow through the best he can. In the above video he was given orders to portray Ron Paul as wanting to legalize drugs through distorting and demagouging Ron Paul's support of states rights and the 10th Amendment of the US Constitution.


appears to be doing something unhealthy to be as gaunt as he is...

Between him, Dana Bash and Ann Coulter

the market for the blood of virgins has gotten very tight!

Caucus Goers, Please channel Rand Paul...

...be calm, winsome, and resist lashing out toward inflammatory statements when you speak on behalf of Dr. Paul at the IOWA caucus tonight! Rand Paul, Jesse Benton, & Doug Wead have been doing a great job at calmly redirecting antagonizing interview moments into proper characterization for Ron Paul. We need to all make that our goal in persuasion of friends, family & neighbors!