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Open Thread - Ron Paul Iowa Top 3 Finish at 22%

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*** Breaking News on Obama ***

Not directly RP related, but many here might find this interesting.

There have been many lawsuits challenging Obama's eligiblity to serve as President. Every one of them has been dismissed by the judges without a trial or any evidence being presented.

However ...

That may now have changed. A judge in Georgia has DENIED Obama's Motion to Dismiss, and the case just might be moving forward to find out if Obama is eligible to serve office.




It is exactly that which i need keep sharing Romantic Quotes

since the race was so close

lets demand a recount!! ;) to prove or expose the fraud. Lets

I smell bullshit

I think they stole that vote.
Ron got 21.5% of the vote.

Think about it, he was POLLING at 21 or 22% before the caucus.
Those polls were all based on republicans with landlines.

Most of his voters are between 18 and 30, and most of us dont even have landlines!
And on top of that, you know a shit load of independents and even some democrats went that night to caucus for Ron and didnt register till that night.

If anything he would have been polling way lower than he should have, not the same or higher!

I wondered...

the same thing. Santorum was only polling 9% two days before. Maybe he did spend his time/money there but you'd think that would've resulted in a slow "surge" in Iowa. The precaucus polls showed Paul around 20% but they weren't supposed to include ind and dem votes. I wonder if they didn't throw Paul votes to Santorum. All speculation, I know... just things that make you go hmmm.

Another term for preventive war is aggressive war- starting wars because someday somebody might do something to us. That is not part of the American tradition.
-Ron Paul

Happy and Sad

It would really have been great if Ron Paul had won Iowa conclusively. A week or so ago, I thought he had a chance of actually doing that. So, I am a little disappointed that he didn't. It would have been a great tactical victory that would have forced the MSM to finally give him more coverage.

Strategically, I still view this as a significant victory. Truth be told, I never thought a staunchly libertarian candidate could ever break 10% in a real election. When I look from where we have come, this is HUGE!

Under the surface, our movement keeps growing and growing. It is certainly becoming more "mainstream." People are really starting to pay attention. Really, it is rather miraculous when you think about it.

The top tier finish for Paul in Iowa means that he will get more attention and that more people will be checking him out. He has the financial resources and (most importantly) far and away the most committed base of supporters. He can continue to move forward as a serious candidate, and I am hopeful that our support will continue to grow over time.

Nobody said this was going to be easy. But I am very pleased to see that the all out attacks on Paul over the past week only managed to knock his numbers down by a few percent. Contrast this with the "flavor of the day" candidates such as Gingrich who saw their support implode once they came under scrutiny.

I think that it is very likely that Santorum will be another flash in the pan. He is the only serious "not Romney" candidate who hasn't been seriously scrutinized. He peaked at the right time and got lucky in Iowa. I will be very surprised if he is able to parlay that into a real campaign once he starts getting looked at.

So, at this point, I agree that we have a two man race between Romney and Paul.

Let's keep up the fight! We have never been this close before, and the long term momentum is on our side.

"our movement..."

"...our movement ... is certainly becoming more "mainstream.""

I pray to differ here - in fact, just a few weeks or so ago, I heard The Good Doctor himself say something along the lines of, "We're not becoming more mainstream, more of the mainstream are coming to us" or so.

And yes, I saw it on teevee, but no, I don't remember which show it was. )-;

Freedom is my Worship Word!

My precinct won

by 19 votes. And my mom's won by 1 vote. Hers. She's a Democrat but registered to vote for Paul for me. :) (And because she likes him -- she wouldn't have done that for any of the other candidates, even if I had asked.)

Little poll that sanatorium is winning...

Thought it'd be fun to just knock him out of first...silly, maybe...fun, yes. :)



I have a feeling that the

I have a feeling that the establishment is going to try to pull a Santorum with Huntsman in New Hampshire, in order to push Paul down to 3rd place again. Watch, for the remaining days until the first primary, all media attention will be directed towards Jon Huntsman.

I caucused for Paul

at the middle school in Fort Madison last night. I left feeling very upbeat. We won in Fort Madison and we won Lee County. I feel the movement brought A Lot of new people in as the registration table was very busy and we started about a half an hour late. The Ron Paul speaker (a young man which did a great job) received the most applause. Michelle Bachman was the only one that did not have a speaker on their behalf. On one side of me I had a girl in her 20's and the other side a very nice lady probably in her late 70's. When the young lady marked her ballot she did not try to hide her vote at all, as if she was proud of her vote. She voted for Ron Paul. The nice old lady was very careful to conceal her vote, and as she had told me we needed a candidate to stand up to the terrorists, I assume she did not vote for Dr. Paul. I thought to myself later, what a great example of the past and the future of the Republican party.

Jim Rogers

Allamakee County won by just two votes

Ron Paul won Allamakee County by just two votes - inspired me to write this poem:

LL on Twitter: http://twitter.com/LibertyPoet
sometimes LL can suck & sometimes LL rocks!
Love won! Deliverance from Tyranny is on the way! Col. 2:13-15

Yup - I was there



While they round up Santorum and Romney's vote up (24.6% to 25%), the don't give the same favor to RP, who's over-21.5% vote gets rounded DOWN to just 21%. This gives the appearance that Paul was 4% behind 1st and 2nd place, when he was actually just 3% behind. Small I know... but when I look at the image here: http://www.cnn.com/POLITICS/
I'm bothered that Ron Paul is discriminated against. Someone could write a book on all of the unfair methods used against RP!..

Here's what I wrote to CNN in my complaint to them...

Maybe it's just me... but when I learned about math in school, I learned that 21.5 rounds UP to 22. When I learned about fairness, I learned that when you apply a standard towards one person or presidential candidate, I learned that you treat others fairly, like applying the same rounding up formulas equally to each candidate. Why is it that CNN is yet again, being biased against Ron Paul? Santorum and Romney each garnered about 24.6% of the vote in Iowa, yet you rounded the vote up to 25%... yet even though Ron Paul garnered over 21.5% of the vote, you did not extend the same courtesy and round his votes up to 22%!!! I'm sure it was just a simple oversight. If not, quit slanting your "news"!! Disgraceful!

Cain Endorsement?

Anyone been hearing about Cain endorsement? From what he's been hinting I interpreted a RP endorsement.. Any thoughts or comments?


That would be great if he

That would be great if he did, RP did not jump on the hate Cain bandwagon like everyone else wanted him to, and a lot of supporters came from Cain to Paul when he stopped his campaign.

I did not like his policy of more taxes, but did like Cain, and he was passionate.

He Endorsed Newt

He already endorsed the Grinch after he dropped out.

prove it.

prove it.

Come on folks, we scored a

Come on folks, we scored a tremendous victory yesterday in Iowa. Third place is a win when you consider what we are up against. Ron Paul has taken on the most powerful people in the world and he is winning with his message. The tide will turn in our favor sooner or later if we keep on keeping on. It is time to celebrate and prepare for the next battle. No one said it was going to be easy. The MSM and establishment Republicans know we hold the key to the next election at the ballot box. Please keep the promotions going and the Money Bombs exploding to get our candidate the resources he needs.

Ron Vs. Romney: Experts Agree GOP Contest Now A Two Horse Race

No need to be sad!
Ron Paul Vs. Romney: Experts Agree GOP Contest Now A Two Horse Race

Ron Paul Captures Equal Number of Delegates As Romney & Santorum
Ron Paul heads to New Hampshire having more than doubled his 2008 Iowa vote tally, secured an equal number of Republican delegates as Romney and Santorum, and is projected to beat Santorum into a strong second-placed finish in next week’s primary.


“Paul may actually be the real winner of the first Republican voting contest,” writes Grace Wyler. “That’s because Paul’s massive organizational push in Iowa focused on both winning votes, and also on making sure that Paul supporters stuck around after the vote to make sure they were selected as county delegates — the first step towards being elected as a delegate to the Republican National Convention.”

- PAUL WON 31.7%

MICHELLE BACHMANN 3.67% (19,265 votes)
HERMAN CAIN 3.27% (17,160 votes)
NEWT GINGRICH 12.26% (64,388 votes)
JON HUNTSMAN 2.72% (14,301 votes)
RON PAUL 31.57% (165,806 votes) YESSS!!
RICK PERRY 5.38% (28,236 votes)
MITT ROMNEY 23.72% (124,581 votes)
RICK SANTORUM 17.41% (91,418 votes)
Total Votes: 525,155

Ron Paul Interviews needs to tell people to google it!!!

When he is being interview he needs to have links directly for pesaple to look it here lets say the washington post or where ever it is being rported for instance this Nucular weapons thing with Iran they dont have any!!! look in the washington post it says the IAEA reports says they don't have nucular waspons. We have to squash them remember them telling us were going after sadam because he has WMD's!!!

Ron Paul will not win the

Ron Paul will not win the foreign policy argument unless he ties it back to our bad economy and our critical debt crisis. You can't borrow money to pay your bills. We have a choice to either cut the military spending and save social security and medicare or continue to spend money on wars and cut social security and medicare benefits. These are the only options we have to save America, we are broke.

Romney was successful when homeowners were pulling their equity out of their homes and giving it to corporate america. Those day are over. Romney does not understand the problem, so his solutions will not fix it. Until we work our way out of the bad debt, there cannot be any growth. Romney's plan is to grow the economy to get out of debt. It does not work that way. The only way to beat Romney is to explain that his plan will not work, and if you elect him, the result will be the same as Obama.

Using the flip flop argument will not work.

Use the Golden Principle to

Use the Golden Principle to explain his foreign policy--that's what sold me on that issue, aside from the unnecessary spending.

As I see it...

There's optimism, and then there is blind optimism. I have not supported this MOVEMENT(we have to continue to remind ourselves that THAT is what we're all doing here, taking part in a MOVEMENT, not simply a presidential election) for 5 years with the express goal of 'winning.' 'Winning' would be nice, don't get me wrong, but for me I do not want to have to explain in the future to my children that I did NOTHING during this critical time in American/human history to try to change it's course. My conscience is clean, and I will continue to fulfill my duty to the philosophy of individual liberty until the end. I hope people aren't disheartened. I was initially when I woke up this morning. But taking a step back, I feel pride in all of our efforts and our convictions. To have to contend with media bias/full frontal assaults from ALL angles, to contend with hate-filled establishment tools on the airwaves(less Jerry Doyle and Judge Nap), to contend with 'our' very own party, to contend with the ignorant masses; we have nothing to feel bad about. Now, observations:
a: Santorum is unequivocally the LEAST electable candidate in the field. We know it. They know it. It's been my perception from the get go that the GOP actually WANTS to lose to Obama. It's all theater on their part. I mean, who DOESN'T see the writing on the wall- the destruction of our currency, the fleecing of the middle class, the collapse of our shell game economy, the anticipated and yearned for attacks and war? The "Grand Ol' Party" WANTS all of these things to occur, and they want it to happen under Obama's watch for nothing more than the brass ring of dominance in 2016. They know a populist like Paul is the ONLY chance at beating an Obama/Clinton ticket. Unfortunately, Paul CANNOT be controlled, so the GOP would rather 'eat their own' than relinquish their power. They'd rather be patient for 4 years and let Obama take the heat for complete breakdown and implementing policy congruent to their own rather than to have the likes of Paul changing their power game altogether. In doing so, ironically, they have done well to insult, marginalize and shun the very people who would grow their party. The GOP will from this point forward be the dinosaur party. It's years are numbered, it's decline guaranteed, and it's because they chose to bite off their own nose to spite their face. I will love to do nothing more than, when this is all over in a few months, to submit my resignation to the GOP chair. It's my dream that we ALL submit on paper a resignation prior to the Romney/Obama vote in unison. I envision the GOP chair's desk stacked to the rafters with resignation letters of we, the 'insignificant few' one day prior to election day as a rebuke of the laughable 'big tent' party. Then they will see how significant we actually are when Romney comes up far short. THAT will be our big victory! After all, Romney or Obama, what's the difference? After being a life-long Republican, I have been slapped in the face one too many times. I will diligently follow through this campaign and this cycle to the end, and hope to see a few miracles along the way. After, I will gladly denounce the GOP, and set to destroy the corrupt two party system. The restoration of America may not occur, but we must all be prepared when the time comes to REBUILD America. We must be ready. We are going to be afflicted with great pain as Americans in the years to come. Fly under Big Sis's radar. Be safe. Be prepared. There WILL be a vacuum. We'll have to fill it. Never give up. Never lose hope. Liberty is worth it.

Excellent conveying of your thoughts

Thank you for taking the time to express them... could agree a whole lot more.

Silly Ronald, you know that

Silly Ronald, you know that if you wanted to win, all you had to do was go pheasant hunting and visit pizza shops--oh, and crash sports bars.

Front Page Yahoo - Santorum Ethics Questions

Hitting the front page on Yahoo right now - ethics questions about Rick Santorum!



Also, Gingrich is going to start hitting Paul about the newsletters, so he'd better be prepared better than he has been in the past.


Front Page Yahoo - Santorum Ethics Questions

Hitting the front page on Yahoo right now - ethics questions about Rick Santorum!


Michelle Bachman is done Rick

Michelle Bachman is done
Rick Perry is good maybe he done
Huntmans.....I can't figure. Why has he still continue.
Gringrich Looks next finish.

Mittens Cousin

"Huntmans.....I can't figure. Why has he still continue."

Hi Job is to take support away from Ron Paul

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