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A Sincere Thank You to the IOWA Ron Paul Campaign!

You people are AWESOME!

I know Dr. Paul will do well tonight due in large part to your hard work the last couple of months to get his beautiful message of liberty out.

All of you who have been working tirelessly and energetically deserve our sincerest gratitude.

I wish I could shake every one of your hands.

And I can just imagine the insults you've gotten from the establishment GOP in Iowa.

Tonight your hard work pays off. Even a 3rd place finish is beyond my wildest dreams a few months ago.

Any finish higher than that is a great victory beyond belief.

So Congratulations and thank you from Washington State!

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I wish I could be there

to shake each and everyone of yawls hand for all you have done!

Today, we take Iowa. Tomorrow, we party like it's 1799!

Yes we love you guys and gals

You know they have to be tired.

A special thank you to Iowa Ron Paul state chaiman Drew Ivers

Not to diminish the hard work of everyone else, but I know that the campaign in Iowa would not be where it's at right now without Drew at the helm!

Thank You!

I would also like to add a hearty "Thank You!" to all of the liberty lovers in my home state of Iowa! Great job everyone! All of your efforts will be rewarded tonight as you participate in the Dr. Paul victory celebration!


the videos show how active, positive, and productive they have been. The energy is contagious and awe inspiring, bravo.

Prepare & Share the Message of Freedom through Positive-Peaceful-Activism.