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Video: Ron Paul's Press Secretary, Gary Howard Interview on MSNBC

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RRREEEEAAAAALLLLLLYYYYYY liked his answer to that last "gotchya" question. Its so true that way too many people dream about being in power who should never be in power, and sadly end up in power.

I have to return some videotapes...

Starting at 0:46 Santorum says

From 0:46 to 1:00 Santorum says:

"Congressman Paul would take every ship that we have and put it into port. He would abandon the seas to allow other countries to tell us what the rules are for transporting our goods."

Did Dr Paul ever say he would do this?

Couldn't help but notice that

Couldn't help but notice that he didn't ask about the newsletters:)

Gary did a great job - It was good deflection

This interview was good, Gary took the questions and deflected them right back, to where they exploded in the idiot journalists face. Yes the responses will not win new voters, so Gary should not be there all the time, but occassionally letting the media get hit with a straight quiet deflection right back in their face, may make them think twice the next time.

BTW this interviewer is frankly a colossal idiot, this guy needs to find another job.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"


We should have seen a lot more of Gary over the past couple weeks. Well, let's see more of him from here on out.

If you go to linkedin,

it says that Gary was in Rand Paul's campaign as well.


National Press Secretary at Ron Paul 2012 Presidential


Press Secretary at U.S. Senator Rand Paul, Kentucky
Director of Communications at Campaign for Liberty
Press Secretary at Rand Paul for U.S. Senate 2010

Media Associate-New Media at Competitive Enterprise
Legislative staff at U.S. Senate


SOLID interview!

Good going, you weren't rattled & could have been, and you really just acted like the journalist was ridiculous and just kept going BACK TO REALITY.


This guy is smooth I like him

This guy is smooth I like him 10/10 from me. (press secretary)


A unique interview.

Is it improper to say that

Is it improper to say that maybe the campaign should have Gary handle the newsletters? Is that too cliche'?

No, I don't think so at all

He's press secretary, he happens to be black, and he knows the whole issue is a bunch of horseshit or he wouldn't be there doing the job.

He should.

Gary Howard is such a gentleman...

Gary is one of the young men who is making a difference, along with Ron Paul that can lift up America to it highest heights as we move more and more into the New Age where young people come TOGETHER as US Constitutionalists.
Truth Love Joy and Gratitude to the these young men and women. Thank you so much!

fearless brave joyful peaceful loving grateful, compassionate

He's so quiet and understated

He's so quiet and understated that it's almost awesome. He slows down the harsh negatives and rhetoric with his quiet, meek and to the point responses.

I kind of odd, but no harm was done here. He kept reiterating that well the people of Iowa support him so stuff it war mongers.

i love his quiet low-key

i love his quiet low-key delivery!

Wait just a minute

I thought..............no............can't be..........the media said..........boy are they a bunch of lairs. Ron Paul 2012!

Press Secretary Gary Howard is a SAGE

I was amazed by his composure and simple answers. Made the interviewer seem like he was brainless and only reading pre-written meaningless questions... which of course he was. I am certain that Mr. Howard has had more to do with Dr. Paul's success so far than anyone can measure.

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I would have wanted to

I would have wanted to comment on all the deceitful arguments the "journalist" made but I think Gary did very well, soft spoken & calm, I like it.

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You'd have to have a brain made of jell-o

to listen to Bachmann's, Santorum's or Huntman's opinion of Ron Paul.

Gary seemed to be a little nervous talking, but he did fine.

Wow, he handled that really well

I am exhausted just watching all the videos.

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I'm going to get voted down

I'm going to get voted down for this, but I give this person a 5/10. I'd rather see Jesse Benton and Doug Wead respond. I know you guys will hate me for saying this, but this was a weak interview and doesn't help shift votes to our side. The media tossed him typical BS distortions and he didn't even call them on it. It's just weak. If he doesn't defend Ron, who will? We can't expect the media to do it.

No, I think you're exactly

No, I think you're exactly right.

Keep this video...

... for posterity. This media guy, as dumb as they come, tried every trick in the book to denigrate Dr. Paul.He just made things up as he went along and straight out lied about Dr. Paul's positions. We have to keep this video and play in future months to show these guys up. It is just shocking.

Plano TX

Don't you just love it when a guy who's polling 4%

calls Ron Paul "unelectable"? If Ron Paul was a smartass, he could really have fun throwing some jabs back at these reporters, but he's too nice.

alan laney

Good Job Gary


Thanks for posting.

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Maybe they should ask Gary Howard if HE thinks Ron Paul is a racist.


didn't this idiot (media guy) just say that the audience most of them were too young to vote? If I read the report correct the over 800 in attendance at the HS were Juniors and Srs.
if you are 17 and will be 18 by nov you are good to vote tonight. I hate MSM.

You are watching the media blow themselves up.

If they don't cool it the sheep are going to see their wolf tail sticking out of there Shepard suit.

If they don't cool it

they'll see the sheep change to wolves. We were once a nation of fighters. That may have been suppressed to a great extent but you can never take the wild out of the animal and you sure as hell better know better than to try and beat them down.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hD73kksP1RY&feature=related :)

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final answer was awesome

that just screwed with the media's little minds - that was a great answer! Ron is not interested in winning for power. Love it!

Ron Paul 2012