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The Ugly Truth of America - "Racism" against Muslims

I feel like I've hit the nail on the head with this one, and I'd like it if you agree with me to spread the word. What we're seeing here are a large majority of the population who disagree with the wars in Europe, yet they're scared of and want to attack Iran while unprovoked and without reason.

During the Bush administration, he pushed fear against Muslims into every America media outlet he could. All Muslims were terrorists, all Muslims were jihadists; they didn't fight for their freedom or their families, but because they thought by killing themselves they would gain endless virgins and glory simply for having killed us. This is a boatload of crap, but people still believe this today. Everyone except the soldiers in Iraq who have seen the people over there, and who don't view the other 99% of the civilian population as Americans do. How can we kill 500,000 Iraqi children and not think it matters to anyone? Truly the greatest argument for my case.

Ron Paul himself attempted to speak out in behalf of Muslims and from their perspective of things, and he was immediately booed, with Santorum (hates Muslims) leading the pack in disbelief. Imagine, us, the "Exceptional" United States considering the views of those lowly Muslims. Yes, this is the ugly truth everybody.

Dr Paul needs to put this whole situation into perspective and really get people to understand who is truly racist here. He already has unknowingly started to combat this, and upon reflection, I feel it will give his Foreign Policy and War on Drugs a firm foundation against racism.

Here's my blog with a video at the bottom showing the specific highlight I mentioned above:


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islam isn't a race

i wasn't aware that "muslim" was a race. the most populous muslim country is indonesia--they're not even arab.

not all muslims are arab and not all arabs are muslims.

Bush did not push fear of Muslims.

The stance of Bush and mainstream media and both GOP/DNC is that these "are just a few evil people that want to do bad to the world". In fact, every time they speak of Islam, they always say something like 9/10 Muslims are peaceful or most are peaceful and there are a few radical ones.

The fear of Islam comes from other sources. Perhaps observing Muslims with their own eyes, etc...

Trying to protect and defend the Muslim community is bizarre for a politician to do with their policies and speeches and power.

Watch Third Jidhad on netflix by a Muslim doctor, Dr. Jasser, on how radical Islam has infiltrated the US.

As the Bush family is close with various wealthy Saudi families, rascism is not a factor in wars.


Please don't peddle the propaganda here!

Please don't peddle the propaganda here!

Civil libertarians don't buy that rhetoric

re "radical Islam has infiltrated the US"

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

Wars in Europe


And don't forget it's about

And don't forget it's about the oil. The Shah and Saddam were installed to ensure access to British and US oil interests in the area, and they lost control of them. Britain was never in a position to do anything about it, but I'm sure the US administration harboured a big grudge.

Foreign policy is, or should be, based primarily upon one consideration. That consideration is the need for the US to obtain certain raw materials to sustain its economy and, when possible, to preserve profitable foreign markets for our surpluses. Out of this need grows the necessity for making certain that those areas of the world in which essential raw materials are produced are not only accessible to us, but their populations and governments are willing to trade with us on a friendly basis. Eisenhower, 1951, quoted in Michael Hayes, The Republican Road Not Taken: The Foreign Policy Vision of Robert A Taft, online ed.

It's just unfortunate for the black and brown people that they live in those areas. Remember, it was United Fruits' actions in Central America, in cahoots with the local regimes, that fired up Che Guevara and Fidel Castro to militancy. More blowback.

This space available

WOW...Great job!

I'm bookmarking your blog.

This needs to be stated until we are blue in the face...over and over again...these wars are RACIST.

Anyone who supports them is guilty of much, much more serious racism than whoever wrote those 8 lines in the newsletters.


oops my edit became a double post. deleting.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

That would be a great avenue

That would be a great avenue to pursue, esp with all the racism smears against Ron Paul.

As stated below, it really is "racism" because they are predominantly "brown-skinned" people.

The neocons just get the added benefit of being bigots, too.

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

its like racism. It can't

its like racism. It can't actually be racism since Muslim is a religious designation and not a race.

There are no races

Colours arent races either. The plain meaning of the word 'race' is to imply a stable biological division (subspecies) and there just arent any. Literally NONE of the groups that are identified as human races come anywhere close to actually composing one. So by your logic, racism is impossible.

In fact, racism is quite common. It's the delusion that this group or that group actually compose a race. And I know a lot of americans are deluded that muslims/arabs are a race, and hate them as a group. There are plenty of non-arab muslims and non-muslim arabs but the facts simply arent allowed to interfere with the prejudices of a bigot.

true! I remember my class at

true! I remember my class at university, Critical Race Theory... fascinating when you really study it, there is "no such thing as race"

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

It's not that clear-cut

since the overwhelming majority of victims in these wars ARE brown, it IS also a race issue.

Right. It's bigotry, not

Right. It's bigotry, not racism.


"Dr Paul needs to put this whole situation into perspective and really get people to understand who is truly racist here."

I don't agree with this. Dr. Paul is not in a position to forceably change the viewpoints of many people.To ask Dr. Paul to force the issue is unfair. Why should he be the one doing this? This is something each and everyone of us should do when we are talking to our neighbors and community members. I know people are coming around over the years from the evil-islam brainwashing to more commonsense and God Loving approaches to our fellow citizens (of all religions).

I feel Dr. Paul's message about restoring the constitution, liberty, and freedom is not COVERTING people, but instead... people who agree with these points finally see a candiate who shares their views.

The Truth

The reason I think he needs to directly oppose this is to get people to see the bigger picture. You can't protect individual rights at home without protecting them abroad. Our hatred towards the Muslim religion (thx for correction) is turning us into haters towards groups of people. You'll notice instead of 'Americans who support Paul' we are now 'Paulbots.'

Upon reflection, everything is reciprocal here, and I think the best argument to get people to see this in themselves would not be to attack Americans as individuals and what they believe, but rather, to question their perspectives towards Muslims abroad. Towards all nations abroad.

If we truly stand for individual freedom and prosperity, then why are we being hypocrites and torturing people abroad? It's because we don't see them as being "the same" or "equal" to us. They deserve it, but we don't. And this mentality can be traced back to those making these distinctions, that being our Gov't and media, spreading the word.

This argument, if made correctly, would paint a unified picture: Why the media is against Paul, why people don't look at Paul supporters as Americans, why there is hostility pointed at Paul for bigotry, when he is truly speaking against it. The more unified and relative his statements become, the easier it will become for people to understand the truth.

Ron Paul's Song: Old Time Rock N Roll

If you really want to nail it down,

the underlying reason that the PTB are attacking Muslims is because these Muslims won't play ball with the criminal New World Order.
They are the only ones with temerity to fight against the globalist agenda of the Zionist banksters.
So, the elite have planned their destruction, and are using the US to carry out the agenda.
We have to stop it.

I've seen it written on more

I've seen it written on more than one occasion that the real reason behind this anti-Islam focus is bc in Islam usury (ie interest) is not permissible at all... which undermines the very foundation of the Federal Reserve/World Bankers

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

That is a very nice blog

and think your idea is worth discussion. Things are starting to get overwhelming right now and hard to keep up with everything.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

yes . . .

I think this has been mentioned on here before; I've brought it up in posts, but never in an OP, but . . .


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