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Infographic: Ron Paul 'Most Viral' GOP Candidate on Facebook

As the Republican caucus in Iowa nears, presidential hopeful Ron Paul is winning at least one race—social media engagement, according to a new analysis.

After tracking seven Republican candidates' performance on Facebook through the end of December, social media analytics firm Socialbakers found that Paul is the most "viral" contender, with nearly 60,000 users talking about him this past week, followed by Mitt Romney and Rick Perry. Socialbakers determined each candidates' viral reach after pouring over more than 10 million Facebook Pages and Places, as well as billions of individual user interactions, taking into account the number of "likes" and comments about each candidate.

Paul increased his social media engagement rate the most of any candidate over the past month (69 percent), followed by Perry (58 percent), and Newt Gingrich (57 percent), according to Socialbakers.


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