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1 min Ron Radio Ad Playing in Iowa - Against Romney – Jan 3, 2012


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Hahahaha YES!!


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Very well targeted!


While I'm sure many are

While I'm sure many are thinking "why didn't the campaign go after Romney earlier," I would say this is perfect timing. Airing it earlier would have encouraged Romney to attack Paul in return. Now there is no time. And in New Hampshire, the gloves will be off anyway.

Airing it now, you are still targeting some last minute undecideds as well as radio radio listeners. I'm guessing that is an older demographic where Paul is (allegedly) weak.

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for the ammo


This is the kind of offensive that the campaign needs to lead against Ron's opponents - people don't care as much about flip flopping as they care about ability to win, by pointing out how Obama can beat Romney we are much more likely to beat Romney (and show how Ron is different). I hope TV ads will follow

GREAT ad, except

wish we had mentioned SANTORUM in it.

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