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THE defining moment for Freedom has come

We are here freedom lovers worldwide! Tonight marks the beginning of the REVOLUTION...a revolution of concepts and a return to the land of the FREE and home of the brave! Let's all remember the hard work and effort that got us to this point. Let's hold our head high and march forward with diligence and the knowledge that WE are RIGHT!! Let's win this for liberty! Go RON PAUL!

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"Worldwide freedom lovers"

I love hearing from people in other countries so please sing out if you're reading this...tell us where you're watching from!

from Vienna, Austria

I'm watching and can't get any sleep (though it's around midnight already) b/c of being eager to hear word of the outcome in Iowa.
today the whole world is IOWA!

(good luck, dear RP-supporters)

Life, Liberty and Property!

This is the culmnination,

of a collective, who gave millions of dollars and millions of hours of their time for the purpose of restoring the Republic.

The biggest issue to me, is the endless wars.

And I don't feel bad, asking God to help us, because I know in my heart, that God doesn't want us killing our fellow man for resources or power.

And I ask all of you to say a prayer to God right now, to help us elect the man, who will end the needless killing.

Prayer is powerful, and it costs nothing.