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Rand Paul on The Sean Hannity Show

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Hannity is a revolting brown-nose for the CFR

He will do the bidding of his masters no matter how much he has to whore himself. The man has no principles or honor. I hope Ron Paul doesn't do any more appearances with him ever.

If Sean were honest

He'd also mention how he spent the entire 2 days preceding that interview throwing the newsletter garbage out over and over on the air. There was a buildup to it in my opinion, especially if you go back and listen to the tone with which Sean kept bringing it up.

I remember this interview,

I remember this interview, and, frankly, I never wanted Ron to do another one with Hannity--ever. He is a jerk to try to get Rand on his side..

Sean Profanity is a coporate media shill!!

He always says "well I Lke Ron Paul" and then throws him under the bus at every turn. Oh, and now, did you hear the interview, his buddy Mark Liven (The Puke ONe) is threatening Rand's Relection?? Sean is out to destroy Ron Paul...make no mistake about it. Oh and Mark Levine F** you too!!

Constructive Criticism

Thank you to all.

Rand is a class act and way more tolerant and diplomatic than I could ever dream of being.
However, he was too passive in this interview.

May I humbly suggest he should attempt to control the talking points more and not allow the interviewer to discuss the newsletters and 3rd party for the entire 15 minutes.

Yes, the questions are legitimate and have been disavowed repeatedly for years, but there is so much to learn from both Dr. Ron and Rand.

My humble suggestion would be to answer swiftly:

"These subjects have been discussed and answered numerous times. I'm excited to discuss how Dr. Paul was able to predict the recent economic collapse while other candidates continually voted for foreign aid. I know these are important questions, but I think we all agree we need to be concentrating on solutions and not rehashing the same questions and answers over and over again. Can we please talk about auditing the Fed or article 1 section 8?"

I'm just a rookie but felt my comments were worth discussing.

Thank you to all for all of your hard work.

Please join us!


is hannity two faced

or does he have multiple personality disorder?

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He is a fat-faced phony

He pretends to be friendly to people before he takes them down, like a hyena.

Sean Hannity

You know something that needs to be said, is that Sean was asking all of those insulting questions of Ron Paul and then interrupting him such that Ron could not finish his answers to those questions. If you are going to ask such insulting questions, at least have the fairness to let Ron answer the questions without repeatedly interrupting him. I think more than anything that's what Ron was annoyed about. And rightly so.

Christ, I can't even stomach

Christ, I can't even stomach 5 minutes of Hannity's whining anymore. Rand is so diplomatic but I gotta imagine him on the other end of the line rolling his eyes at Hannity's whiney grumbling.

Regarding repetitve questions

I think Rand can handle it much better with his age...When you're 76 years old and have answered the same questions thousands of times (probably) over the course of X amount of years, you're much less inclined to be patient when BS comes around. You don't tolerate certain things the more mature you become, because it becomes nonsense and a lot of the attacks on Dr. Paul are just absolute nonsense. Granted some people have a gift of patience and maybe it's not his strong suit and maybe Rand has the gift of super patience, but I do see a lot of patience with Ron when it comes to worthwhile things, like the cause of liberty for over 40 years. It's been a slow going process, but his patience and diligence is paying off! :)

He needs to turn it on them

And say "A more important question is will you support me when I win the nomination?" and leave it at that.


Truth-tellers expect to be believed. Hannity should have taken the answers he was given, instead of asking again, hoping for a different answer.

Ron Paul has earned our trust in his word.

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Rand is INCREDIBLE! Don't miss this one!

I just finished the interview, though the beginning really grated me.

Listening to Rand in this interview is a MUST!

Wow, what a diplomat!

He did such a fantastic job, being so calm and really almost soothing Hannity... so that Rand could really get in all those excellent points without Hannity getting pushy or cutting him off much.

Rand really covered the newsletter issue very well -- I can't imagine that the average American (who isn't an RP supporter yet!) hearing this can still think it's possible RP is racist... (well, except maybe some die-hard neo-con types)

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Wow. I am truly impressed

Wow. I am truly impressed with Rand. He really has tact! I never knew.

He needs to call into Hannity every day and educate his listeners and start calling Levin, too!

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I'm tired of Ron's 3rd party response

When asked if he could support another nominee, he should simply say "I'm not going to support a warmongering water boarder. Which of my rivals is not a warmongering water boarder?"

Ron has the Republican party by the short hairs. If he is not the nominee, his supporters won't vote Republican, regardless of his endorsement. He should lay that point out in spades. The Republicans either change their foreign policy, or lose to Obama.

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Rand is the libertarian equivalent of Anne Sullivan

He is a miracle worker at explaining things so that the talking neocon heads can understand. Most of us yell at the top of our lungs at Hannity, but just like Helen Keller, he is deaf to the message. Somehow Rand finds a way to communicate.

It is incredible.

*Note: Helen Keller overcame her blind-deafness much quicker Hannity and his statist neoconservatism. (This was an insult to Hannity, NOT Helen Keller).

Calling is for New Hampshire, too

Please keep calling instead of standing by. New Hampshire is coming up, too!

Sean is ultimate narcissist -

Sean is ultimate narcissist - all he seems to care about it exonerating himself. He spends more time talking about himself when they could be discussing Ron Paul's positions on the drug war, capital punishment, etc.

he's very

narcissistic and a statist :)

He has low self-esteem.

He has low self-esteem. Obviously he hates himself and suffers from delusions of grandeur.

First ten seconds

one egregious, bald-faced lie ("I try to be nice and fair to your dad") and one almost certain lie ("and he walked off the stage at the last debate and was furious with me!")

you're telling me

it's sickening when he's says that...literally, I get sick to my stomach.

Grrrreat interview.

Rand Paul will be the president in the future. It just is so..

"don't like absolutes"

that is really dumb how Hannity responds when Ron Paul said he doesn't believe in "absolutes" in saying he has no intention of running 3rd party.

Hannity compares it to RP's "absolute" support of the Constitution.
Apples & oranges, since he wants RP to give an "absolute" about the FUTURE.

just irrational.

but are Hannity's listeners bright enough to catch that?

Working for US policy in the mideast that serves AMERICA's interests http://www.councilforthenationalinterest.org/

I'd like to hear from his

I'd like to hear from his teachers in school. I'll bet he was always a brat.

His Mom probably had to

Call the other moms in the neighborhood and beg them to make their kids LIKE Sean and play with him.He's so pathetic..always whining for reassurance and approval after he's been a little b#tch.


Hannity is like the Grover

Hannity is like the Grover Dill of talk radio, the little toady to Mark levin the Scut Farkus of radio.

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Sean thinks everything is

Sean thinks everything is about him! how many times in this interview did he say I? Good lord this guy is paranoid!

Good job Rand

Well, Rand communicates very well, he did a good job here. I just wish he would've asked Hannity point blank: "do you think Ron Paul is a racist?" I think Hannity would've squirmed out of it, despite the fact that he gave Santorum and Perry the benefit of the doubt after their racism accusations ... but it still needed to be asked.

BTW, nice try Hannity in equating Afganistan and Iraq and saying we're against these conflicts. The difference between pursuing criminals who perpetrated a huge act of violence and an invasion based on lies is a mile wide. There is no evidence that Reagan would've been one to approve the Iraq invasion either, he was a moderate on FP compared to todays die-hard neo-cons.