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Ron Paul's Iowa Victory Speech

I hope it goes a little like this:

'This is truly an amazing event in this countries history. We have done something that the majority of pundits thought was impossible.

What the Americans need to know is that this is not a victory for Ron Paul, this is not a victory for Republicans this is a victory for freedom, a victory for liberty.

I have prided myself in standing on the constitution, freedom and liberty.

Our win today shows that these things are popular and support for them is growing exponentially.

Our government is out of control and my message has been and will continue to be to get the government OUT of our lives and to finally be held accountable for their actions.

If it is against the law for the average american to steal, rob or cheat then it is too "radical" to expect the same treatment for those who claim to MAKE the laws?

I think going forward we will see a ground swell of support for this message. The more the Main Stream Media tries "sell" these candidates to the American people the more 'I hope' people wake up to the ideas and power of freedom and liberty.

Lets look at this as a victory for your future, your kids future and many generations to come.

All the other candidates are claiming the are for "small government" but unless they are for following the constitution to a T they are just following the status quo.

The people have spoken,


“Let the revolution begin.”

What do you think?

tweak it or write your own. I'm curious to hear what you guys come up with.

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Although your speech is somewhat brief,

I'm sure it embodies what Dr. Paul will say tonight/tomorrow.