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MSN poll ~Romney way ahead! GO VOTE!

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They pulled it,

Now you can vote for your fav game show host.

Makes sense, doesn't it =P

The DP is proof that the grassroots support for Ron Paul and his peaceful message of individual liberty is large, real, and not going away!

Was it

taken down? I tried to find it from a Twitter link and from this one and the only poll I can find is about past/present game show hosts (like that's important).

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hope to win

but we all know they are gana cheat us,thats the only way they can win. so if the paul camp cant stopyhem from cheating us than im done.back to anarchy.


You realize MSN is a website frequented by mostly Dem's

I think this is more of a reflection of who they want to challenge Obama because they know Romney would lose to Obama.

Unstopable Ron Paul look at GoogleTrends


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abolish interests on debt policy.
what is mathematically perfected economy™?

Who cares about these online

Who cares about these online polls? There are tons of them and they don't matter one bit! Waste of time. We all know they aren't reflective of the actual support so don't worry about them. Plus people are busy focusing on Iowa right now and are not looking around for online polls to vote in.

These polls are now rigged...

... like the Diebold voting machines...

Plano TX

Romney in 50s Paul in 20s

Romney in 50s
Paul in 20s