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Fox Poll: Does the Iowa Result Matter to You?

Can we hit this one?

Will tonight's Iowa Caucuses affect your decision about which GOP candidate to support for president?


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Does the Media Matter to You?

That should be the poll question, since the media is so corrupt and unreliable.

i would love to know...

when.......just pray tell......WHEN..

has this EVER come up before during past primaries?????

seriously....for real peeps.......i'd like for someone to tell me right NOW that Iowa's caucuses or any other state's primaries and their validity have been questioned in the past. under WHAT circumstances has THIS taken place so much that lamestreamnews would run polls and have whole articles written for the purpose.


it matters, but not your fox online poll.

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Similiar poll on C-SPAN

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and when is doubt:
What would Dr. Paul do?

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I voted yes, but it's a lame

I voted yes, but it's a lame poll.

Majority says it's Iowa's opinion, not the nation's

Personally, I tend to more or less agree with that and no matter the outcome, it will be spun to disfavor Ron. Let's see how things are looking in 3 to 6 months, then we'll have a firm grasp on what voters are actually thinking.

It's a trap don't do it

Think about it....of course it won't change our mind but it has duel meaning. The results will show Iowa doesn't matter.....

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It's a heavily weighted poll question.

No matter what the issue, many will inaccurately proclaim that the opinions of others don't matter to them.

But if that were truly were the case, they wouldn't participate in, nor care about polls.

Just voted

Not sure -- The caucus system is so complicated I wouldn't know what to make of the outcome. 4.38% (994 votes)

Yes -- It should clearly identify which candidates could go the distance. 21.66% (4,914 votes)

No -- Iowa's decision reflects Iowa, not the nation. 58.62% (13,301 votes)

Don't care -- It's much ado about nothing. I'll check back in a few months. 13.88% (3,150 votes)

Other (post a comment). 1.46% (332 votes)

Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/01/03/does-iowa-result-m...

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Fluffing this stuff is a

Fluffing this stuff is a terrible idea. Worst case scenario 10% of the people will think win, place & show in Iowa frames the question "who is in the race?". We'll be there.

1/2 the people in the country will see the results in one way or another tomorrow and will start doing their own research. Iowa and people like us are the only ones who really cares who wins.

That said, delegates is the name of the game for the big show. Tonight is big. The winner might get a 3-5 point bump (exception Santorum 10%+) nationally.

The Drudge poll

says it all:


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Terrible-if I was an Iowan-I would be even more mad!

This is obsurd

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Wayne Paul/Alex Jones Interview

Wayne Paul (Ron's brother) is talking about Election Fraud wit Alex Jones! Listen in!!


According to this poll looks like Ron will win

or rather people are afraid ron will win.


They spend the last 2-3 weeks telling the voting public, "The Iowa caucus doesn't matter" over and over. Now, they put up a poll to see just how well their propaganda campaign went. What a bunch of screwballs.

Careful about the wording of this poll

The wording is such that it could be used to support the establishment's propaganda regardless of tonight's outcome.

Jonathan W.

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Nearly 60% say it doesn't matter about Iowa.

Wishful thinking, IMO. They want us to say O.K., never mind.

Looks like a bunch of Fox News followers

are worried about a Ron Paul win...hehe