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One hour before Caucus.. time for nationwide prayer for victory

To all the people who are not currently on the phone calling Iowa. Please take few moments between now and the caucus time to pray for Liberty, pray for Dr. Paul's health and success. Pray to open the minds and hearts of the caucus goers to vote for liberty and freedom. Pray for the people who will give the speeches for Ron Paul to be effective. Pray for the people of Iowa to find the courage to convert their neighbors to save our freedom. Pray for the voters to make the efforts and attend the caucus to help our victory. Pray for the people who are in charge in counting do god's work and report things correctly. Prey for delegates for Ron Paul.


Please vote it up for more people to see it and pray for our victory

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A great prayer

Whether people realize it or not, this is a spiritual battle, and we cannot rely only on the campaign's ground game. We need the blessing of God to win.


I just sent one up, too:

-That the caucus officials would be convicted to conduct the event fairly.

-That the counters would be convicted to report honestly.

-That the results would be unto the betterment of the world and unto our salvation.


Thanks for the reminder. I'm praying with you!

Just said a prayer for Iowa

Just said a prayer for Iowa with my wife a kids! AMEN!!