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Just heard on CSPAN no Ron Paul spokesman in Urbandale, Iowa

On C-SPAN they're showing random footage from caucusing in Urbandale, Iowa (Gloria Del Lutheran Church) and I heard them on the intercom saying there were no volunteers speaking for Huntsman, Paul or a 3rd candidate.

Then a few minutes later it was down to two, Huntsman and I couldn't hear the other one.


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His first words: "I didn't know that I'd be speaking tonight. I am speaking here tonight...because no one else would."

I guess it was good for someone who didn't know they were speaking. Thank goodness someone did. But really, we need someone who knows the speaking points, talking from the heart in each caucus.

Not a ding on the people on the ground in Iowa at all, just given it's one of the few that are being televised on CSPAN, we need to put our best foot forward.

Again, not trying to be negative.

Yeah, I watched it too...

Yeah, I watched it too... Not impressed at all...!!! I thought we had this stuff all set up...!? WTF...???

Good stand in...

... but this is pathetic and very disappointing. Who had responsibility for speakers? Even Rick perry figured that out.

Sounds like they are electing their next parish priest.

Plano TX

umm yeah i am hearing this

umm yeah i am hearing this live as well. im a little shocked to be honest. on a televised caucus to boot. That was a rather lack luster speech that wasnt very inspiring or persuasive to vote for the guy. if i didnt know ron paul at all i would have thought he was some nut job crazy 'libertarian' that i should vote for if i wanted some sort of 'radical' change. wtf!?!?

Ron Paul

His guy's talking now!!!

Bachmann has no one

Yeah, someone is there for Paul and maybe even for Huntsman.

But Bachmann who "has had thousands" come over to her side has no one. LOL.

"Know what you know, know what you don't know, and understand and appreciate the distinction."


I heard that too, then they made another announcement

saying they didn't have reps for Huntsman and Bachmann. So apparently they realized the one for Dr. Paul was there.

I came. I saw. I concurred.



God I hope someone's on this!

God I hope someone's on this!

Perry's Guy gave his

Perry's Guy gave his speech...

-quiet engineer