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Ron Paul Twitter follow bomb going on now!

Ron Paul Twitter follow bomb going on now! http://twitter.com/#!/StephEaly

Last night I tweeted, "All Ron Paul supporters please follow me so I can follow you. I want to follow everyone of you!!!! So excited!"

I received numerous emails into the night and all day with new followers. I followed every one of them back. Why?

Because when I'm on Twitter, I am nonstop looking for Ron Paul tweets. Wouldn't it be great if we were all following each other---it sure would be easier just to open up Twitter and see tweet after tweet after tweet all about Ron Paul.

tatianycoeuvre tatianyc, just tweeted back to me:
@StephEaly "Did the same message blast @RonPaul supporters 2 follow each other. We r a stronger unity clustered together w/eyes on #RonPaul"

Then I tweeted: "RON PAUL Twitter bomb--Ron Paulers lets all follow each other and see how many more r3VOLutionaries we can get following each other in 24 hr"

Since then my email is piling up with new followers that I am going to follow back. Lets do this thing! Ron Paul 2012!!! r3VOLution!!!