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Business Insider: Ron Paul May Have Just Secretly Won Iowa :)

"Ron Paul may have officially come in third in tonight's Iowa caucuses, but if his organizational strategy went off as planned, it is possible that the Texas Congressman is actually the real winner of the state's Republican nominating contest.

Senior advisors for Paul's coalitions team told Business Insider this week that the campaign's organizational strategy was focused not only on getting as many votes as they can, but in making sure that their volunteers stuck around after the voting to make sure that they were nominated as delegates to the county's Republican convention — the first step towards being appointed as a delegate to the Republican National Convention..."


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When I lived in a caucus

When I lived in a caucus state, we gathered together first as a precinct and voted on our choice for Pres. Each precinct has a certain number of delegates for the county. After voting for the Pres candidate, THEN we broke up into issue groups and THEN chose who would represent us in the county.

Example: Precinct X has 8 county votes. 100 show up to vote for Pres. 19 leave immediately, leaving 81 to break up in issue groups (platform). Groups having 10 or more could chose 1 delegate - those under 10 would combine with other(s) until there was at least 10. If one group had 20, they could chose 2 county delegates. At this level, it is may or may not be the platform division - not the candidate.

After the precinct delegates were chosen, we then combined and met with the county to chose those going to the state convention as delegates. Iowa may have their county convention at a different night, or it may have been the same. At the state convention, the national delegates will be chosen on the same basis - perhaps a mixture of candidate caucuses and issue caucuses.

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Hopefully it worked, but I have to ask

how many actually succeeded. Staying is one thing, walking up and taking control to become one is another thing.

In one stream I watched, they had the Paul, Romney and Santorum people gather into separate groups, so I don't see any avenue for stealth delegates, unless all the campaign means is that they are merely certain that our 7 delegates are not going to switch their vote.

On to NH guys...

Hopefully media's negatron guns point to Santorum this week, and Paul can get prepared for a strong debate on the 8th. With Bachmann and Perry not showing it should be a better debate. One missile at Newt on Iran and FP and a few at Romney on spending.

Also I like coming into the primary not as a favorite to win, we can beat expectations more easily. If Dr. Paul can speak at the debate with same responses as on Fox this AM, I am completely psyched.

"This isn't what the govern meant"

"Win the crowd and you will win your freedom"

Delegates Have the Power

As I keep pointing out, even in California, where the law says the public can vote in the publicly-funded popularity poll called a primary (according to their party affiliation as registered) and the vote is binding on the parties, the court (not sure which one) threw it out.

The court upheld the First Amendment, and said that the state could not tell a private organization (the Libertarian Party) how to select nominees they want to put forth as candidates, upholding the party members' right to decide for themselves.

It is the delegates who make the bylaws that determine how the nomination is decided, not the states or federal government, or the public. If you want to have a real say, be a delegate.

In 2008 all kinds of great things were accomplished by Ron Paul delegates, even when they were prevented from voting for him by the GOP's bylaws.

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Ron makes a good point....

Yeah I was a bit disappointed in the results like other RP supporters.But when you really take a look at Iowa itself then it was'nt bad at all.What I mean by that is that Iowa'ns are not exactly what you would call "freedom loving " people.This is a group that was totally apathetic about looking at the candidates voting records and history. What you heard more than anything else in interviews with them is "I'm looking for someone like us".Social conservatives LIKE more laws and less freedom.If prohibition had been placed on the ballot it would have won.Iowa is definitely NOT like the rest of the country. All the commentators were suddenly talking about how unelectable Santorum is afterward.Just like Huckabee was after he won Iowa.
So buck up folks - its going to be a long slog.



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Here's the deal guys ...

I don't care about the Iowa delegates. The GOP will try to find a way to steal them, anyway. If RP gets them, great! If not, no big deal.

The MAIN thing to take away from this is that RON PAUL IS ELECTABLE!!!

Ron Paul was #1 amongst Independant voters.

Ron Paul was #1 amongst Moderate & Liberal voters.

Ron Paul was #1 amongst Very Conservative voters.

Ron Paul was #2 amongst Christians & Evangelicals

Mitt Romney was dead last amongst Tea Party Voters.

The ONLY reason Romney & Santorum beat RP is because of the UNDECIDEDS, where 80%+ broke for the establishment guys -- Santorum, Romney, Gingrich, & Perry.

The undecideds waited to hear what other people thought at the caucuses & then were persuaded to vote for the establishment guys.

These are the same people who think RP is "not electable." They are people who are afraid of making he "wrong" decision, but they will become fewer in number over time.

Santorum will not stick around as people find out how corrupt he is. Romney is a flip-flopper -- conservatives can't trust that he's not liberal, and liberals can't trust that he's not conservative.

As the campaign moves forward, more and more people will hear the Ron Paul message, see more debates, and become aware that ONLY Ron Paul is likely to BEAT Obama in the GENERAL ELECTION!

Also, take heart that Bill Gross came out and said he likes Ron Paul. Bill Gross is the fund manager of the largest bond fund in the WORLD! TJ Rogers (a libertarian) is CEO of Cyprus Semiconductor, and he would like to see RP win (though he's not sure if the general electorate will support him).

More and more busines people who are NOT bought and paid for by the Wall Street/Washington establishment will start saying good things about RP very soon, as they see Ron Paul can actually WIN.

Hell, even Chris Matthews of MSNBC was saying good things about RP's war policy, as he was bashing the neocons (as they deserve to be bashed).

Good things are a-comin'.

Rock on!

Thank you, Tommy.

I went to bed late last night drained and upset that Ron didn't win in a landslide. Then woke up a bit cranky. I just fail to see how "Christians" can hire a hit man (the gov't), to act AS THEIR AGENT, and go kill hundreds of thousands of human beings in other countries to impose our goodness on them. Yeah, says Santorum, that's what America is all about --- imposing our values on others.

This is known as murder.

I don't see that if 75% of the people are in agreement with RP's foreign policy, I don't see then how 50%!! vote for Romney and Santorum who are for legalized murder, attacking others who have not attacked us. Millions dead in Vietnam, and now in the Middle East, and Christians here at home are okay with this??

I would think RP SHOULD make his "peace" platform the centerpiece of his campaign, IF 70-80% are with him, but then I must ask, how did he not win this Iowa primary if those numbers are true?

Anyway, Tommy, thanks for your positive analysis, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on my concern.

"It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a rEVOLution before tomorrow morning." - Henry Ford

RP was #1 in county delegates elected.



spot on.

Let the campaign run its playbook.

We need to continue to run ours.

“Wasting a vote is sometimes voting for somebody that you don't really believe in."
-Ron Paul

Thank You and well said.

I am already hearing a lot of negative things from withing my own little circle about how RP only came in third. I tell them, "Ron Paul has forgotten more about winning elections then you and I will ever know so chill out, take a breath, and wait to see what Dr. Paul does next". He's not an idiot and like I have said before," delegates , delegates, delegates"!

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Anyone Else Sick Of This Crap?

We know there will never be another one like Ron Paul. 'They will not allow it. Anything and everything that can be done,[legally], MUST BE DONE!
Even if its just have a bake sell or yard sell to raise money to take an ad out in the local papers.
We must take over the air waves.
Every newspaper, tv station, radio station, no matter how small, needs to hear from us..Daily.
If Howard Stern still supports Ron Paul, get on the phone to him and ask him to talk about the corruption keeping Ron Paul down...(along with flooding his FB and Twitter pages).
All I know is..we need to be not only seen, but heard, in greater numbers than before.
I wonder if we could get Rev.David Manning to hit the streets too?
I dont mean to ramble..but its 5:17am..Ive been up for 2 hours..reading..reading how they stole the real election from Ron Paul and I am BEYOND PISSED OFF

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

I want to be positive...

but I heard about this "secret" delegate game the last time around and absolutely nothing came of it. The facts are that the mainstream media and the crooked party leaders will do everything in their power to maipulate or cheat the vote away from the only non-establishment candidate Dr. Paul. Romney will probably win New Hampshire easily and then all the media talking heads will say that it's already over. The game is rigged folks get it through your heads! The real question is, why won't our brave active duty military supporters shutdown the lying mainstream media and arrest the corporate bought and paid for treasonous phony politicians who are obvious domestic enemies of our quickly fading U.S. Constitution?

So confusing!

The entire political process in this country is so convoluted and confusing (on purpose of course).

SO - If tonight's vote in Iowas was just a big Straw Poll, then why did we even need to spend all of this money in the first place? Couldn't we just have sent a dedicated and loyal supporter to each of the precincts to sign up as a delegate with for a lot less money?? Was it just for the momentum going into New Hampshire and South Carolina?

We need the support of people

We need the support of people becuase 1) it makes it easier for delegates to vote for Ron Paul, 2) its really the only way to get our delegates elected

You really only need to know the PROCESS in your own state

if you want to help out in other states you can make calls for Paul or ask the campaign in that state what to do.

But for onesSELF one only needs to intimately understand the process in their OWN state.

Do you? (rhetorically asked)

If not, then become a C4L local coordinator and you'll get the training you need.

The Delegate Breakdown

Iowa 25 Delegates

6 Santorum
6 Romney
5 Paul
3 Newt
3 Perry
1 Bachmann

1 Extra odd one to whoever stayed the most organized in the rest of the Iowa Caucus process.

The top 3 were basically a tie. Top 5 are still competitive as Iowa otherwise does not really make a difference. New Hampshire, SC, and beyond are what really count.

Totally full of shit

Please stop making shit up. You have NO IDEA what you are talking about.

This is FALSE Rumor Please Stop Spreading it

Anyone who knows anything about the Iowa caucuses know that NO national delegates were elected tonight. Only county delegates.

How the national delegates end up will depend on which candidates drop out (perry already gone, bachman and santorum soon) and which of the elected delegates from tonight actually SHOW UP at their conventions.

Correction on this

Iowa 28 total Delegates

6 Santorum
6 Romney
6 Paul
4 Newt
3 Perry

3 Uncommitted


Drop Out

Bachmann and Huntsman should drop out, they are not competitive. Perry should stay in and go to the South.

er, like maybe

southern Mexico?


SSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! We don't want the NeoCons to show up to play! Keep this just between us, and on the low down!

Excellent observation

I can go to bed happy after all.

The irony is delicious

Wolf Blitzer is giddy over a 4-vote "moral victory" between Romney and Santorum, while Paul has probably organized to win the majority of delegates from Iowa. CNN has no clue where the real story is here. Not a single one of their 12 analysts has even mentioned the actual delegate selection process. I bet they bought their car based on the paint color and neglected to see whether it was an SUV or a Civic.

actually paul might have performed just as polls predicted

it's the paul haters consolidating their effort into romney and santorum the last minute because they saw paul as such a threat.. may be an unintended consequence on our part, but i'm afraid it's unavoidable. should paul continue to climb in the future, so will the anti-paul vote consolidate. would like to know what went on during caucus today, whether anti paul voters were talking to each other about consolidating support. obviously bachmann underperformed as did gingrich.. pretty obvious some of them jumped ship to avoid handing victory to paul.

I don't think it was anti-Paul

Bachmann lost a little to Santorum and Gingrich to Romney but they were competing over the same voters so no surprise there.

You may be thinking of the horse-trading that happens in the Democratic caucuses. Candidates who fall below a 15% threshold can't elect delegates so their supporters tactically agree to support other candidates who can exceed the threshold.

Have you seen this?

Have you seen this? This is a non-Paul supporter talking about the Iowa establishment making sure Paul doesn't win:

Basically the influential figures in various precincts and counties get those the undecided voters they influence to support a particular candidate at the last minute. Not saying that definitely happened, but someone knowledgeable about the process there seemed to think it was happening already.

Did Ron Paul Just Win Iowa? Washington Examiner. Deiscouraged?

If you are check this article out:


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