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Report Iowa Precinct results!

I created this topic for Iowa results, please list the county, precinct number, results. Vote this thread up so we can see it, Thanks!

Go here to check against the official results, to filter the list choose options/DistrictName-en/contains ignoring case/your precinct number or county:


List of precincts that match numbers reported

1. Allamakee - LF/CN/LS/LS CITY, Lansing Iowa, precinct 7.
2. Scott County, Precinct #D33
3. Polk County, Precinct 54
4. Polk County, Des Moines precinct 074 (the top 3 are confirmed)

Watch the vote tally by county:

Here are the results for my precinct:
Precinct 54, Polk county, Des Moines
Polk - Des Moines 054
Paul 41
Romney 22
Gingrich 14
Santorum 14
Perry 3, Huntsman 2
a Landslide! I have pics and video to prove these results.
other precincts:

Scott County Precinct # D33
Paul 19
Romney 5, Santorum 5, Gingrich 4

Allamakee - LF/CN/LS/LS CITY, Lansing Iowa, precinct 7.
Gingrich 21
Paul 20
Perry 10
Santorum 7, Romney 4, Bachmann 2

Polk County Des Moines precinct 074
125 Romney
33 Paul
26 Santorum
Here are official numbers for the other candidates, no independent confirmation yet:
13 Perry, 12 Gingrich, 11 Bachman, 4 Huntsman

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Your Caucus findings

Yes, this must be done. There was fraud. In Allamakee-FV/TL/HF City GOP reports only a total of 28 votes, while Iowalibertydrummer witnessed 64. Please confirm, as I am writing a book on voter and election fraud. Missing are 36 votes. Mr. True of Moulton also recorded a discrepancy, in his caucus GOP reported 5 extra votes, besides the 20 switched from Santorum to Romney. Those votes were attributed to someone.

According to Andrew Griffin, whose article was published Jan 3/2012, Coralville 4 was follows:
R. Paul-34
M. Romney: 13
R. Perry: 9
Santorum: 8
Gingrich: 2
Huntsman: 1

That's 67. GOP precinct results list 72 voters. Please confirm if in any of your precincts the number of voters on your end match or vary from GOP. Thanks for your work.

Bump - this is the most

Bump - this is the most accurate way to really check to see if there are any inaccuracies. Please anyone who has precinct results if they could just post them we can check. Wouldn't it be nice to know for sure.

Seems that WatchtheVote is running a tally:


I added up pricinct totals from this thread so far and i come up with:
Romney - 160
Paul - 154
Santorum - 86

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bumping for iowa


Mathew 5:9 Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Polk County- Des moines- precinct 74

I checked Polk County precinct 074 on that chart against what was announced at the caucus after the votes were counted, and it was accurate.

125 Romney
33 Paul
26 Santorum

No pics or anything but like I said I stuck around to hear the announcement of the totals.


that precinct is rather wealthy - South Of Grand. explains the Romney support


Yes. Those are my numbers in Lansing, Alamakee County Precinct 7. Watched the nice old ladies count them ;-)

Thanks for confirming that


Karl Rove admitted certain things to Chris Wallace...

Rove states that a reliable source, but doesn't mention who that source is, that ROmney won by 14 votes.

1. That votes were missing while being transported. Question...were they not supposed to be called in?

2. That Romney and Santorum's people decided what the final vote tally should be.

3. This all went down right after the first votes came in showing Ron Paul at 43%.

Ron Paul was robbed... in my humble opinion. I think he won the Iowa Caucus.


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How do you know this?

What's your source?

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Rove's own words...



"The greatest mystery of all is truth." - Me, 2009

List of precincts that match

List of precincts that match numbers reported

1. Allamakee - LF/CN/LS/LS CITY, Lansing Iowa, precinct 7.
2. Scott County Precinct #D33
3. Polk County, Precinct 54


I moved this info to the main topic and will add to it when new data arrives.

Dear Iowa Liberty

Dear Iowa Liberty Drummer,

Love it!

Please lets check votes by precinct and add the total, just to be sure. Is there a way we can start naming precincts that were checked and correct on the table you provided?

I am not saying there was fraud but when counting was started and RP was 30-40% higher than Mitt - along with Santorum surging way ahead of polls, seemed a little odd. I know it is delegates - but still.

statistical sample

If we can get more data this thread could give a nice sample of what happened but I doubt we can get enough data to verify a whole county let alone the state. If enough data comes in I'll convert it to a table with vote totals, for now I'll just list each precinct in the main topic as it comes in.

Just wondering...

I noticed I had big problems getting online to DailyPaul while the Iowa count was going on. Did anyone else notice this?

Was it just that this site was bogged down from abnormal traffic, or some sort of hack job to keep us from communicating during the vote?

If the site was bogged down with traffic, what can be done to beef it up prior to other election nights???


I had the same problem.

I couldn't get in until midnight.

There were nearly 1000 users LOGGED IN

Who knows how many were just browsing (or trying to, that is).

It was definitely a server resources issue, and the best way to help is to donate or become a subscriber!


so there rigged the election? No one was cordinating the people for the district. what going on.

Scott County Precinct # D33

Paul - 19
Romney - 5
Santorum - 5
Gingrich - 4
1 write-in

My precinct consists of apartment complexes and lofts in the old industrial/business district of downtown Davenport. No single-family houses.

thanks, I added this to the main topic.


Its hard to watch the votes

Apparently they did things different in different areas. They used to do public voting in some places but apparently that has changed. I remember in 2000 watching Cspan coverage and they were all sitting in a room debating who they were gonna support. This didnt happen this time, it was more like someone get up and speak for whichever candidate and that was it, then everyone voted afterwards, there were no debates going on. I figured all the totals and results would be written down on a board, like they do in that one little town that votes at midnight in NH but I dont know if they did that anywhere.

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bump :)

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I found this info on another DP thread

Allamakee - LF/CN/LS/LS CITY

Lansing Iowa, precinct 7.

Gingrich: 21
Paul: 20
Perry: 10
Santorum: 7
Romney: 4
Bachmann: 2

The tallying process.

The process of stacking the paper ballots in stacks for Paul, Romney etc. and then counting the number in each stack is where the fudging can happen. Even with monitors it would be easy to add the paper to the stack you wanted. Maybee I'm all wrong about this but as I watched the cspan coverage that was my suspicion even before the results were reported.

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I think you're onto something

I think you're onto something there, I remember watching that and mentioning to my husband how easy it would be to mix up the piles having them so close together, it seemed so unorganized to me-why weren't there individual places/containers clearly marked for each candidate? Also I did read somewhere that the phone-in place was changed, where the precincts were supposed to call and report the numbers-I guess I am just extra cautious, but I do believe some nonsense went on there.

You're probably right

I have a gut feeling some fudging did indeed take place. Even with the independent tally reports, it doesn't eliminate the possibility of this happening. I don't think we'll ever know for sure but it does look questionable when compared to the entrance and exit polls...

Thank you! Please also post your results to:


They have about half the data they need, to complete a fully independent vote tally.


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didn't work for me either