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Why the U.S. is going to war with Iran.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with nuclear weapons, threats to Israel or Strait of Hormuz issues.

It's the SAME reason we attacked Iraq and Lybia.

In 2008, Iran quit trading its oil for U.S. dollars and instead began using the Euro and the Iranian Oil "Bourse" (explained here):

I'm not knowledgeable enough (yet) to know why this is so important to America except that I suspect the U.S. central bank must profit when other countries have to trade their commodities in U.S dollars (as dictated by the Bretton Woods agreements in the late 1940's).

We MUST get this message out to the American populace so they can get Ron Paul elected in time to stop this impending war. If they can get Obama to attack Iran first, it will be too late.

The point is that while the war rhetoric is drumming up hatred for Iranians, they'll never tell us the REAL reason they want to attack Iran.

It's just another bankers'-instituted attempt to (use the U.S. military) to impose their will on Iran which has every right to sell (trade) its products (oil or anything else) for anything they choose.

This has to be shouted from the mountaintops.

It has NOTHING to do with defending this country.

Only the "interests" of world central bankers who always pull the puppet strings.

And they always will until the American people realize the scam.

That is now OUR job.

BUT if anyone could PLEASE explain WHY it's so important that we start wars to keep the oil sales in U.S. dollars, I would appreciate it and I'll put in in the main body of this posting.

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At Ron Paul's event in Seattle on Feb 16, I ran into a guy...

...running for U.S. Senate here in Washington State against Maria Cantwell.

He was passing out info about himself so I asked him a few questions:

Q. Do you support Ron Paul?
A. I don't support any specific candidate but I do support auditing the Fed.

Q. What is your stance on Iran and the U.S. desire to go to war?
A. I don't support Iran having nulear power.

Q. Do you know why the U.S. attacked Iraq
A. Blah - Blah - Blah

Q. Do you know the REAL reason we're threatening Iran?
A. Blah - Blah - Blah.

SO - I proceeded to tell him that in 2000 Saddam quit using U.S. dollars for his oil and as soon as Baghdad fell, Iraqi oil immediately traded again in dollars.

Then I explained that in 2008, Iran claimed the SAME THING and does not use U.S. dollars today.

He basically blew it off and said "It's a very complicated issue with lots of reasons to go to war."

Most of those running for high office have NO CLUE about the bankers and the actual reasons we go to war.

They are bamboozled into thinking it's because the Muslim is just plain DANGEROUS and eventually wants to take over the world.

Just another Sheeple running to represent the Sheeples.

I hope I got through to his establishment republican mind JUST A LITTLE-TEENY-TINY-BIT, but I doubt it.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul


They know exactly what the truth is but they lie to gain at your expense.


Yes - I agree...

The know exactly what the truth his.

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

Polarized victims

Victims of this ongoing legal crime spree have a common false world view. Their actual views differ greatly, but the common thread is that their viewpoints are false.

1. They are stupid.
2. They are lesser evil than my evil side
3. Their intent is noble, but they make mistakes.
4. They can't get done what I want to get done as well as my side can.

Whatever the excuse for working harder to pay more to criminals who then use that stolen power to steal more is, is irrelevant when compared to the opposite, which is to no longer harbor such falsehoods, and to look at the Legal Criminals for what they are, and then cut off that connection to them.

Failure may continue to be an affordable option right up until it can no longer be afforded, and by that time, on that schedule, the result is total enslavement, in whatever form that comes to whomever it comes at that time and place.

Some will find that point sooner, others later, but that point is rapidly approaching: absent a power to stop it.

I don't think that Iran will be the trigger for the expanded World War III, but it may be a new front to help keep Barry Soetero in office, on schedule. I think that the need for World War III, in a big way, a very massive way, won't be current until about 2050, when the new World Reserve Currency will be a done deal, having no more opposition anywhere, and the massive war is merely a way of driving the final nail in that coffin, when that switch is made, just as the switch was made last time, when The British Crown was no longer the false front used to cover up the World Money Monopoly Power, and they had to switch the name on the door to U.S.A. Inc. (LLC), which became The Federal Reserve: eventually.

They are not stupid.

They are as evil as mankind has ever produced.

When they make mistakes some of their own have ways of dealing with mistake makers, and you can call that noble if you parrot their lies, the nobility of Legal Criminals, or honor among thieves.

They will get done what they will, on their schedule, so long as their victims continue to work harder, and harder, to send them more and more, and that is what they are doing, so if that is what you want them to do, then work harder, and send them more, as you get what you pay for.


Josf said it best about the rotted central bank...

"They are not stupid. They are as evil as mankind has ever produced."

"We have allowed our nation to be over-taxed, over-regulated, and overrun by bureaucrats. The founders would be ashamed of us for what we are putting up with."
-Ron Paul

I feel a need to bump this topic

Notice, please, pawnstorm12:

False currency includes false language, or duplicitous language, or false front words that cover up the actual, and accurate, understanding of reality.


"rotted central bank"

"Quantitative Easing"

"Austerity Measures"

I am not patronizing when I ask anyone to repeat those phrases a few times. How do they sound? What is the initial reaction to such phrases?

Employing an accurate and therefore competitive legal money is very much the same thing as employing an accurate and therefore competitive word, when the idea is to communicate the facts for mutual benefit, such as shouting to someone who may be running at full speed toward a ledge that drops 1000 feet to a rocky bottom of certain death, or even worse.

"rotted central bank" = Legal Money Monopoly (outlawing competition)

"Quantitative Easing" = One person, or one group of people, adding zeros to their account, such as doubling the money supply in 2008, where those few people write themselves a check that is equal to the total number of dollars that everyone else has, in the entire world.

"Austerity Measures" = Reducing the flow of power to the hired voters, so as to force them to vote for further reduction in the power flowing to the hired voters, even if they don't know it.

Austerity Measures sound just so nice, so very nice, I can't wait.




That's what all wars are about.

Live Free Or Die

This I believe is the real story behind the wars:

I have read that the Bretton Woods Agreement was for a specific length of time, 50 years to be exact. This means it expired in 1994 and at that point in time international trade was no longer required to be denominated in $US that in the beginning could be exchanged for gold. The gold exchange standard ended in 1971 under President Nixon but the $US continued as the world's reserve currency under a regime of floating exchange rates.

This requirement gave the United States and its globalist controllers carte blanche for all that time to secure their position in the world and to advance their world government agenda. This came to an end in 1994 and I believe that before that happened another means to enforce compliance had to be found.

Keep in mind that the true object of the globalists has always been to install central banks connected to the globalists' central banking network in every country in the world centred on the Federal Reserve in Washington D.C., the Bank of International Settlements in Basel, Switzerland and the International Monetary Fund in Washington D.C.. This is their primary source of control...the power to create money ex nihilo and to enslave the nations through their issuance of credit/debt. When you realise this you can understand how elegant the method has been and how deceptively it has been implemented.

In 1994 the $US was no longer required to be the international trade unit of exchange. Before that date arrived the globalists had to come up with an alternate strategy to complete their plan and to maintain their dominance of global trade and central banking. This gave rise I believe inter alia to the break-up and looting of the Soviet Union, the First Gulf War, the destruction of Yugoslavia, the neo-conservative Project for the New American Century think tank, a Bush family inspired enterprise, and the build up of the American military to be the vastly most powerful in the new unipolar world.

After the end of the deliberately contrived "Cold War" in order to justify the military enforcement of this agenda it was necessary to develop new narratives that could be sold to the American people to gain their support for the expenditure of their blood and treasure to accomplish the globalists' purposes. The first narrative or "cover story" has been the "war on terror" which depended on the execution of the most daring coup de main of modern history, the attack on the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

The second "cover story" is that certain unstable countries seek to develop Weapons of Mass Destruction and threaten world peace. This requires the co-operation of the International Atomic Energy Agency which is responsible for nuclear energy development monitoring. I believe that the globalists have co-opted the secretariat of the IAEA and two pieces of evidence for this are the ambivalence of their reports which leaves room for "interpretation" and the fact that Mohamed ElBaradei the Director General at the time of the Iraq War received the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005. This award is one of the international accolades reserved for the servants of the globalist cabal to enhance their authority. His successor, Yukiya Amano, is following in his footsteps with regard to the Iranian nuclear energy programme and we shall no doubt reach the same denouement in due time.

The third "cover story" was concocted with the assistance of the UN Security Council with the establishment of the initiative of a Responsibility to Protect (R2P). This initiative effectively replaced the 1648 Treaty of Westphalia that recognised the inviolable sovereignty of nations. Sovereignty is now a privilege as opposed to a right (sound familiar?) and lays down certain responsibilities upon all nations in order to prevent intervention in their internal affairs by the "international community". This truly Machiavellian piece of legal chicanery has already been used to justify the rape, pillage, genocide and destruction of Libya. It will no doubt be referenced in the coming invasion of Syria with who knows what dire consequences.

It is sufficient to note that these Muslim nations, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya all had independent central banks which were run along Islamic lines without usury. The same is true of Syria and Iran. The first action in each of these nations was the establishment of a central bank connected to the globalists' central banking network. This enables them to ensnare the country in their web of debt and gives them the means whereby to control and expropriate all the resources of these nations and the labour of their people through their financing and taxation schemes.

This is their modus operandi and their only purpose in these wars. Everything else is simply ancillary to this purpose since it is the central bank connected to their network that gives them the facility to loot the nations of the world and to control their people through debt. It also means that they can secretly move their assets around the world to support different operations which include the businesses of their corporate cartels and the black ops of their intelligence agencies and mercenary armies.

I believe that if anyone threatens these activities they are either killed or publicly disgraced through honey traps and/or concocted scandals. They use "limited hangouts" I believe to reveal something of their skullduggery but I suspect that this is in the interests of making people believe they are invincible.

In fact they are not and they are currently taking enormous risks to complete their plan of world domination more rapidly than they are accustomed to due to the advent of the Internet and the spread of information outside their control. It is this haste that will be their downfall and makes them extremely vulnerable. The War on Libya was a catastrophe for them and has become their Achilles' Heel. An understanding of this war provides us with an evidentiary counter-narrative to convince people that their governments are lying to them. Once this particular bridge is crossed it is a relatively simple matter to show how the entire fabric of our modern world is a tissue of lies.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

It’s obvious why – because

It’s obvious why – because Iran is a global menace that must be destroyed at all costs via military means/war.

After all, Iran maintains an empire network of 900+ military bases or installations around the world in 130 nations. It regularly stations large intimidating naval contingents off the coasts of other nations halfway around the world armed with a threatening vast array of devastating high technology missiles and aircraft and other weapons of mass destruction. Iran maintains a massive arsenal of over 8,500 nuclear warheads capable of reaching anywhere on the planet and annihilating entire cities in an instant. Iran has expanded its military dominance to the point where it’s military budget and might now exceed the entire rest of the world combined. Despite this overwhelming military empire, Iran continues to expand its military budget and power.

Iran regularly violates the sovereign borders of other nations with unmanned drones for the purpose of spying or even offensive attacks of assassination. In the past decade alone, Iran has preemptively bombed or invaded militarily no less than six separate nations. This includes two full scale wars with invasions and occupations that continue to this day. Iran uses its economic power and influence together with its military might to strong-arm other nations into economic blockade sanctions against countries that do not cow-tow to its imperial decrees.

Iran regularly props up dictators and oppressive government with foreign aid money and weapons technology and equipment. Iran has a long history of interfering in the internal elections and politics of other nations through covert operations, and funding, arming, training and promotion of violent factions, provocateurs, and saboteurs. In the 1950s Iran went so far as to conduct cover operations (codenamed “Operation Ajax”) to violently overthrow a democratically elected free market leader in the U.S.A. and replaced him with a brutal dictatorial puppet ruler who proclaimed himself “shah” meaning king. Iran funded and armed this Shah (“king”) of the USA and maintained him in power over the American people for over twenty years. This Shah commandeered and exploited America’s natural resources to appease the foreign powers that armed him and kept him in power. He brutally squashed any dissent. It was not uncommon for Americans to disappear into the night during this time. People were afraid to speak out and took refuge in the only places still independent from the Shah’s reign – the churches. Eventually however, through these churches a religious supported opposition rose up and revolted, overthrowing the foreign supported American Shah/King.

In light of all this, there can be no doubt that Iran poses an existential threat to the rest of the world. It is a military threat that bullies other nations into obedience to its military hegemony. It is a threat to human existence and a global menace that must be stopped at all costs.

Ooops, wait a minute – just a little error. It was not Iran that did all these things. It was some other nation that did and is doing these things. Nevermind.

Let it not be said that we did nothing.-Ron Paul
Stand up for what you believe in, even if you stand alone.-Sophia Magdalena Scholl

What If?

What if we didn't go into Iraq and Afghanistan spending billions of us tax payers dollars? What if we stopped the illegal wars and killings that only cause other countries to hate us? What if we stopped trying to force our views and beliefs on others? What if we focused on the defense of our country and borders, instead of worrying about others? What if we if we took all the trillions spent on wars, wall street, housing, and bank bail outs and instead invested it in American ingenuity and technology? What if we sourced that ingenuity and technology to develop non lethal defensive systems such as the star wars program Regan envisioned, creating hundreds of thousands if not million's of jobs and prosperity for Americans and we had that system now? And what if Iran's time and money to develop nuclear weapons were all for nothing because when launched at Israel and/or the United States they were just detonated in the atmosphere over Iran.. ? I guess we will never know... but I am guessing they would feel pretty silly

You need to read...

"Economics in One Lesson" by Henry Hazlitt

This sentence of yours is incorrect: "What if we sourced that ingenuity and technology to develop non lethal defensive systems such as the star wars program Regan envisioned, creating hundreds of thousands if not million's of jobs and prosperity for Americans and we had that system now?"

Persuing such a program would NOT create prosperity. It will in fact make us poorer by the amount of material and labor resources it consumes. The program may very well be justifiable in terms of the defense benefits being worth more than the resources spent, but trying to justify the program by saying it will create prosperity is nonsense.

bumping with a sad . . .


of course, this is true--

I'm just tired of it--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

petro dollar recycling (2005)

"Indeed, my original pre-war hypothesis was validated in a Financial Times article dated June 5, 2003, which confirmed Iraqi oil sales returning to the international markets were once again denominated in U.S. dollars – not euros.

The tender, for which bids are due by June 10, switches the transaction back to dollars -- the international currency of oil sales - despite the greenback's recent fall in value. Saddam Hussein in 2000 insisted Iraq's oil be sold for euros, a political move, but one that improved Iraq's recent earnings thanks to the rise in the value of the euro against the dollar [5]

The Bush administration implemented this currency transition despite the adverse impact on profits from Iraqi’s export oil sales.[6] (In mid-2003 the euro was valued approx. 13% higher than the dollar, and thus significantly impacted the ability of future oil proceeds to rebuild Iraq’s infrastructure). Not surprisingly, this detail has never been mentioned in the five U.S. major media conglomerates who control 90% of information flow in the U.S., but confirmation of this vital fact provides insight into one of the crucial – yet overlooked – rationales for 2003 the Iraq war.

Concerning Iran, recent articles have revealed active Pentagon planning for operations against its suspected nuclear facilities. While the publicly stated reasons for any such overt action will be premised as a consequence of Iran's nuclear ambitions, there are again unspoken macroeconomic drivers underlying the second stage of petrodollar warfare – Iran's upcoming oil bourse. (The word bourse refers to a stock exchange for securities trading, and is derived from the French stock exchange in Paris, the Federation Internationale des Bourses de Valeurs.)

In essence, Iran is about to commit a far greater “offense” than Saddam Hussein's conversion to the euro for Iraq’s oil exports in the fall of 2000. Beginning in March 2006, the Tehran government has plans to begin competing with New York's NYMEX and London's IPE with respect to international oil trades – using a euro-based international oil-trading mechanism.[7]

The proposed Iranian oil bourse signifies that without some sort of US intervention, the euro is going to establish a firm foothold in the international oil trade. Given U.S. debt levels and the stated neoconservative project of U.S. global domination, Tehran’s objective constitutes an obvious encroachment on dollar supremacy in the crucial international oil market.


"The two weakest arguments for any issue on the House floor are moral and constitutional"
Ron Paul

It is really the FED which is declaring war......

Maybe that's why Congress never approves these wars...


"BUT if anyone could PLEASE

"BUT if anyone could PLEASE explain WHY it's so important that we start wars to keep the oil sales in U.S. dollars, I would appreciate it and I'll put in in the main body of this posting."

My understanding is that if oil was not widely denominated in U.S. dollars those dollars would no longer be used by oil rich nations for oil. If oil rich nations no longer use dollars they will flood back to the U.S. resulting in inflation as demand for them goes down. The price/value of dollars is like everything else in that it depends on supply and demand. A lowered demand with a high supply will mean dollars are worth less.
When an oil rich country gets out of line and denominates oil, or attempts to, in something other than U.S. dollars they quickly become named an enemy, the propaganda and sanctions begin and before long a war results where the offending country and its central bank are brought under the control of sympathetic allies. The central bank generally becomes powerful enough that even the politicians become unimportant, no different than the U.S.

Not so much Washington per se

but the globalists who work in Washington, New York, London, Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. They have no particular loyalty to any nation least of all America.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Avg. Americans are confused.

If the monopoly of oil sales in US dollars is ended the price will drop. The reason for a monopoly is to keep prices high, not low.

Have you seen what other nations pay for a gallon of gasoline!

Have you seen what other nations pay for a gallon of gasoline! Much higher than us.

The Petrodollar

is the reason and it is explained well here:


As always - follow the money!

The right to own weapons is the right to be free!
ABATE Wisconsin

Folks, this is what the whole RP revolution is about

One of the greatest powers of America is our dollar. The loss of such power would make our nation very weak, for this is the media of exchange between nations. Having global trade priced in dollars makes the demand for dollars as reserves much higher, and so their value is much higher, than it would be otherwise. This power of the dollar began when the US dollar became the only currency used to buy and sell crude oil, and from that monopoly on the all-important oil trade the US dollar slowly but surely became the reserve currency for global trades in most commodities and goods. A strong US dollar allowed Americans to buy imported goods at a massive discount. This petrodollar system essentially created a subsidy for US consumers at the expense of the rest of the world. If that trade shifts to a different currency, countries around the world won't need all their US money. If euros, yen, renminbi, rubles, or for that matter straight gold, were generally accepted for oil, the US dollar would quickly become weakend. Now when nations like Iraq, Iran, Libya etc... try to implement changing that status and want to price oil in something other than the US dollar, thus threatening our western hegemony, you see our response ( Iraq war, Killing of Libya's Gadhafi, war propaganda with Iran etc...).

Imagine if oil and other international commodities were priced in gold and nobody accepted dollars for international trade. In that case the US would need to export enough extra stuff or use up their reserves of gold to buy oil. In this case the demand for dollars and their relative value would be far lower than it is today.

Folks we are in damage control and are under heavy blowback for our intervention in other sovereign nations businesses. This is all about currency war, and access or rather dominance /control of the mineral resources of Africa and the Middle East.

Nations have figured out the unfairness of our unlimited printing press ( Federal Reserve ) and these nations attempt at new policies against the the dollar and Euro are not welcomed by the power elites who control the central banks.

You will not hear any of this on FOX, CNN, ABC, CBS, NBC, mainstream newspapers, talk radio, or asked in any debate. Dr. Paul knows what's going on.

You must spread the truth and unplug the millions of people living in the matrix.

Before we can tell the truth

We must first create serious DOUBT about the present narratives that are used to go to war and to support further aggression. This DOUBT will crack open the door for the truth to enter. Otherwise the gatekeeper jamming of name calling, like "conspiracy theory" and "wacko nutjob" will be effective in stopping it getting in.

The way to do this is to first ESTABLISH which narrative is believed by the individual being spoken to. Then QUESTION this narrative and DEMONSTRATE that the government is LYING about the real reasons the wars are being fought.

Example: "If you believe that we are fighting a war against Islamic terrorism then why do you think the US government is using al Qaeda terrorists to fight for NATO in Libya and Syria? If these are exactly the same enemies who are killing Americans in Afghanistan and Iraq then why is our government using them to fight people who have never attacked us and were living in peace? "

There are THREE specific narratives being used as "cover stories" for the perpetual war being carried on in the name of the American people. If doubt can be thrown on any one or all three of these narratives and if this doubt can be proven with solid evidence to be true then I believe we can use that to tell the whole sorry tale one chapter at a time.

This is where the globalists have blundered: I call it "Obama's War: Racial Genocide. The Key to Breaking the Logjam on Foreign Policy". The entire story of Libya has been covered up in both the UK and the US. It is now being repeated in Syria. The truth of what happened comprehensively destroys all three cover stories.

I am preparing a post on this subject and I believe it can help us throughout the primaries for the GOP nomination to convert Republicans to Dr. Paul's foreign policy and it will very possibly destroy Obama's chances of re-election.

Once the seeds of doubt have been planted and the truth has been established the need for a non-interventionist foreign policy becomes self-evident. Then it can be emphasised that the present foreign policy was created and is being carried out by enemies of the realm. It is NOT an American foreign policy at all. It is a Globalist foreign policy that uses mainly American military and mainly the American people's taxes to fight and fund it.

This last point can be made forcibly when the people are ready to listen to the whole story as far as we have unravelled it so far. The key is to feed it in bite size pieces and not all at once.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

Rothschilds Want Iran’s Banks

Since the Rothschilds took over the Bank of England around 1815, they have been expanding their banking control over all the countries of the world.

Exactly Najam

This is very important to understand. The spider at the centre of the web is the global central banking network in which the Fed is the major player (the BIS is the administrative centre but the Fed is the operational centre I believe since it issues the world's reserve currency). This is how they have bought up the world and how they control it. The countries who are still outside the network with their own independent central banks are being targeted for regime change and to be added to the globalist network. Ron Paul threatens this control. As did Qadhafi in a very major way.

Resources are important but the real objective is the central bank. With that they control everything else. This is why the first thing they did in Libya was create a central bank in Banghazi to replace the one in Tripoli that was controlled by the Libyan government.

To the best of my knowledge Iran has an independent central bank as do China and Russia. The globalists want to have a seamless global central banking network controlled from the top by themselves through the IMF and a UN Economic Security Council. This is the primary reason I believe for the global perpetual war underway at the moment.

"Jesus answered them: 'Truly, truly, I say to you, everyone who commits sin is a slave to sin. The slave does not remain in the house forever; the son remains forever. So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.'" (John 8:34-36)

BankRuptcy, Repeatedly.

David, thank you for your well explained response. In conclusion you mentioned the "global perpetual war". Right, add to it the internal strife/ wars in so many countries, - please see 3 min video -
'Who runs Greece? Bankers who pit poor vs poor' -

commentators are Not focusing on the effects of U$ury, i.e. society /humanity becomes divided, their is conflict of "Interest".

Exacty David Robertson

However: I think it is important to understand that the current name used by the most powerful few is a false front, so the current name may be IMF or UN Economic Security Council, or Wall Street, or The Dollar Hegemony, or Washington, or U.S.A., or Blackwater, and it isn't the name, it is the conduct of the people with the most power that is important: not the name.


Once someone does "get it" and they see the money trail that leads to the source of the power, and they follow that money trail to that source: then what happens?

Many people are now doing this, when in my own documented past, few people were doing this, and as all those people, now many more than in the past, find the same name on the same money trail, what happens?

The actual people doing the actual bad things simply change the name before all those people who are finding out the truth have any power to do anything about all those bad things being done by those few people.

I'm just saying that it is important to find out who is behind the really bad things being done, and this I think is exactly what needs to be done, but be mindful of the fact that it isn't a thing doing these things, only people do these things, and they do these things behind false fronts, cover stories, or a new word I just heard: "cut outs".

Straw Men, Cut-outs, False Fronts, Cover Stories, Legal Fictions, etc.

One other thing besides the fact that it is people, not things, that are responsible for all the bad things, the money frauds, the use of stolen money power to start wars, perpetuate wars, etc. not things, but people who are responsible, but there is one other very important thing to know, and that is the fact that those bad people can't get away with those bad things without good people failing to do good things.


Competitive issues of high quality and low cost, or honest, or accurate, legal money.

Without powerful legal money that is honest, to compete with all that dishonest and fraudulent money, World Wide, the evil people have all they need to maintain their power over their victims: World Wide.

And there are obvious historical and current examples of what happens when good people do this very thing, this very real issue of inventing, producing, and maintaining honest money to compete with all that fraudulent stuff.

Here at home are the current examples of State governments, within what is left of a Republic, beginning to take the steps that lead to the Legal Issue of Gold and Silver Backed Legal Money at the State Level.

If people do not understand how that fact, those powers, at the State level, using their power to compete against fraud, by offering honest money, then people will fail to know the truth about why power is currently being used to crush competition abroad, in Iran next, and the resent past of using power to crush the competition in Libya, Afghanistan, and Iraq.

Look at the same money trial, leading to the same few people, as they use the power they steal to crush competition abroad, and it will be those same evil people, at the end of that same money trail who turn the power they steal from us to crush us at home if we happen to be in a State that does, eventually, do the right thing, the honest thing, the moral thing, and begin to Issue Honest Money in our own Sovereign (legally sovereign) State right here at home.

The same evil power used to crush foreign competition may not make sense to us at home until that same evil power is marching across our own State boarders crushing our own State Government's honest, competitive, money issue here at home.

When that happens, assuming that our own State Governors do the right thing, and issue our own honest money in our own States, then there will be no fence to sit on, as was the case in the Civil War, each person will either be directly paying for the National defeat of Sovereignty at the State level, or each person will be defending their own State Sovereignty at home.

If that doesn't happen, where no one at home invents, produces, and issues a competitive legal money, then everyone here in U.S.A. Inc. (LLC) will be paying that dollar debt to whomever comes to collect it. They may have uniforms that say they are from Red China when they do eventually come to collect, or they may have some other uniform on, when they do come to collect, but if we here at home just give them the debt payments, happily, then they don't have to send anyone, no need for uniformed collectors. We just keep giving up our hard earned surplus wealth on command, as much as we are told, when we are told to give it, as is the case now.

Either there will be a force that competes with the Money Monopoly Power or there won't be one, at home.

Knowing what form that force will take, so as to be in the right side, is important.

Currently there is no force at home, not yet, but there are examples of that honest force, that productive force, and that just force, that will soon be up against what I call Legal Crime: such as those example where State Governments are beginning to take the steps to issue their own legal money at the State level, and in those examples, such as the Utah example, the idea is to back the money with Gold and Silver.

That is game over for The World Wide Money Monopoly and all who pay into it, if that competition, here at home, is allowed to exist.

Does that make perfect sense, or have I butchered the message beyond Common Sense?

Society in every state is a blessing, but Government, even in its best state, is but a necessary evil; in its worst state an intolerable one: for when we suffer, or are exposed to the same miseries BY A GOVERNMENT, which we might expect in a country WITHOUT GOVERNMENT, our calamity is heightened by reflecting that we furnish the means by which we suffer. Thomas Paine Common Sense


Najam, great find


Independent researchers finding the same information are gaining currency. I could say that they are growing in numbers, but without the ability to connect to many people, and then have the information transfer in time, the number of people is less powerful, having a connection by which each independent researcher reinforces the information competitively, by comparing information is a current reality, and a current power commanded by those growing numbers of people.

This is why the Legal Criminals, be their names Rothschild or Kissinger, Soetoro or Bush, employer or employee, why, why they have to RESET The Business Cycle, or create a World War.

World War pulls all the power out of the force of Liberty, the force of competition, the force that is exerted upon Legal Crime, and the force that replaces Legal Crime power if it is allowed to grow too powerful.

This is, at its most simple form, a power struggle between Liberty and Legal Crime, not Left versus Right, and not Capitalism versus Socialism. This is a power struggle between those who produce surplus wealth, the very means by which human beings survive, and those who steal surplus wealth legally.

If those who steal surplus wealth legally from those who produce it allow those who produce surplus wealth to keep too much of what they produce, what do you think happens?

Discuss this with anyone, soon, please.

Ask them simple questions and watch the answers flow from their controlled minds, and see if it is possible to help those people know that their minds are controlled and that their answers are patently absurd.

The subject of one money supplier is a good subject. The subject of attacking Iran is another good subject. But, please, consider trying the following subject.

Ask what the world would be like if someone invented a hand held device, like an additional feature built into a cell phone, and this device affords the user a few very powerful powers as such:

Anything said by anyone to the user can be fact checked on the device and if the information is false the user will be alerted. This can be called the lie detector app.

Anyone within 100 yards of the user of this device can be immobilized with a press of a button for 1 hour without causing any harm to the targeted person who will be rendered immobile; except the loss of time of 1 hour, and a base 1 hour wage of earnings is automatically transferred from the shooter to the target to compensate for that loss of time, and to discourage over use of the thing.
Call that the defense app.

The device automatically converts every financial transaction made by the user into the current highest quality, to the user, and lowest cost, to the user, money on the planet Earth each time a transaction is made by the user using the app.
Call that the money shopping app.

Those devices become available, are produced in massive numbers like cell phones, and the prices are right down in the ball park with cell phones, or hard drives, because competitors are building these things and trying to gain more market share, just like cell phones, and hard drives, and some competitors are even giving them away, offering other services along with the new apps attached to the new phones.

Ask someone what they would think about such things becoming available to anyone. See what happens.

Try asking someone that question above, for a thought experiment, to test their own control over their own mind, and to begin a discussion, if possible, on what would a Liberated world be like, how would it work, so as to compare it to what we are allowing ourselves to afford right now?

We, as a species, can't afford this way of life much longer.

Try asking that question. People buy these apps and start using these apps, who would not buy one, who could afford not to use one, who would react to the question with a claim that such things cannot be allowed to exist, only a few people could be allowed to have them, only the authorities, for example, could be allowed to have that much power.

See what happens...see if you get silence.


Greeks : "We Are Broke".

Josf, thanks, - in this 2 min video there is hopelessness -
"Greek parliament approves austerity bill -
Rioting in Greek capital with mass protests outside parliament while politicians debated harsh budget cuts".-

Najam Thanks

I see that you too are using quotation marks around some of the false words used to deceive the victims, such as "interest".

If the victims fail to recognize the need to improve their own language, which is a form of currency, they won't ever get to the point where they begin to work toward improving the power of their own money. They will always be victims if they can't convey accurate meaning through language and money, both of which are forms of currency.

Some words:

Inflation (legal theft)
Quantitative Easing (legal theft)
Austerity Measures (legal theft)
Enhanced Interrogation (torture and terror)
Tax (what do you think this word means?)

Language, over time, has been so well distorted, and falsified, by misuse, willful misuse, that the medium of exchange, the languages we use, are dictatorial. There are at least two meanings to every communication.

The false meaning shared by the victims.

The true meaning shared by the "authorities" (Legal Criminals)

Tax is a very good example, as is the word "authorities".

When I see someone else, and there are many people doing this now, using quotation marks to fence in a false word, then I see hope in our future. We can take back the power we once had in sharing accurate knowledge, in particular: warnings concerning the most serious threats we face, such as Legal Criminals using Legalized Crime to enslave us.


(mis)Use of Words, for Votes & Money.

Josf, there is a new DP thread with video discussing something similar to what you posted above, re deception in the use of words. http://www.dailypaul.com/214342/john-stossel-political-decep...