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The Big Takeaway From Iowa: 75% of Republicans Don't Want Mitt Romney

Another good read from buiseness insider! :)

"Mitt Romney won 25.19 percent of the vote in Iowa in 2008 -and lost that contest by 9 points.

Since then, Mitt Romney spent millions of dollars. He got better at debating. He annihilated Rick Perry. The SuperPAC aligned to Romney took out a surging Newt Gingrich with negative ads. And Romney focused his energy on attacking Barack Obama.

All that got him was 25 percent of the vote. Almost exactly the 2008 result he had in Iowa. He lost the nomination then. This isn't exactly the start to 2012 Team Romney was expecting."


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Romney / Santorum camps guessing

Exactly, I find the % of votes Romney and Santorum DIDN'T get more interesting than the votes they did get. If they were supposed to each be such "heavy hitters" then why do so many Iowans not want to vote for them? I mean, WE know why, but I am sure this has both camps guessing.

And 78% didn't vote for our guy.


But then again ...

It seems there was some hanky panky with the vote count.

Twice as many voted for him

Twice as many voted for him this time vs. last time.

There is a steeper curve familiarizing voters with Ron's healthy ideas since they have been fed a diet consisting of stale garbage from Republicans and Democrats for years.