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Bachmann Supporters, please consider...

When not running against each other in a heated presidential campaign, Michele and Ron are friends. For example, back in September of 2009, Ron and Michele had a shared rally at the University of Minnesota. There, Michele only had nice things to say about Ron's character and wisdom:

http://youtu.be/g7G_pey51A8 (2min 22sec, highlights)

Full intro:
http://youtu.be/aJyYiH7g38s (15min 31sec, she talks about the Fed, our mountain of debt -- including Medicare Part D, which Santorum voted for -- and how she and Ron agree on the most important issue facing our nation today, the economy)

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Pro-Life and Obamacare are the tickets

She has made them such a large part of her platform, that if we really hammer him on the Specter role in both issues, we won't need her endorsement. We'll have her voters saying "anyone but Santorum".

its official- michelle quit.....

any bachman supporters, welcome to the ron paul camp! we need you, and you need us! lets all work together to TAKE OUR COUNTRY AND FREEDOMS BACK!!! the criminal elite in office MUST be defeated, and we welcome all bachman supporters with open arms!!!!

ron paul 2012!!!!

ron in 12!

Umm... Ron and Michelle

Umm... Ron and Michelle "were" friends.