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Paul, Newt, Romney and Obama Military Service, Draft, Patriot Act and Foreign Policy

Ron Paul

Says to bring our troops home - same thing he said last election

Foreign Occupation Leads to More Terror - We can't afford to blow up other countries and send in the Military Industrial Complex to fix it using our tax dollars when our bridges are failing.

Doesn't want to attack Iran

On the Draft; No reinstatement of the Draft (only because of our world dominance with troops in 130 different countries results in a possible troop shortage)

Military Service; Active duty flight surgeon from 1963-65; Air National Guard from 1965-68

Wants to end the Patriot Act restoring liberty in America.

Newt Gingrich

Wants to attack Iran "Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich said as president he’d order covert operations to stop the Iranian regime from building nuclear weapons, with options including “taking out their scientists” and “breaking the regime and bringing it down.”And he added, “all of it (is) deniable,” that is, he as president would deny that the United States was behind the operations."

On the Draft; “I propose that we take the World War II model of the selective service program,” Gingrich said, according to Yahoo News. “In World War II, local community citizens judged who ought to be drafted and who shouldn’t . . . . It requires trusting citizens rather than bureaucrats. It’s a jury system for local communities,” Gingrich said.

Military Service; Did Not Serve - some say dodged the draft

Wants to strengthen the Patriot Act and take away more liberty (all hail the government saviors)

Mitt Romney

Wanted to keep troops in Iraq

Wants to attack Iran without Congressional approval - said he would be "willing to take military action to prevent Iran from building nuclear weapons."

Military Service; Did Not Serve - but got a draft deferral from the Mormon Church to do missionary work in France during the Vietnam War

Supported extension of the Patriot Act

Barack Obama

His Campaign promise to end the war in Iraq being the first thing he would do has still not been accomplished and he has sent in about 40,000 more troops into Afghanistan and bombing Pakistan via drones. He says that going after Al Qaeda in Pakistan is not Bush-style invasion. Now 170 million Pakistanis hate us because of the hundreds of drone strikes that 140 innocent civilians for 1 CIA-alleged terrorist killed. No blowback there.

Draft; Register women for draft, but not for combat

Military Service; Did Not Serve

Extended the Patriot Act

There is a reason why so many youth vote for Ron Paul. He is the only candidate concerned about their future.

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Front Page! What is

Front Page!

What is Santorum's military record? I'm guessing it looks a lot like the bottom 3.

A veteran's bump for truth

The truth is good. Keep it coming.


and shared this very important information (imo) on Twitter...

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