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Qualifications to be President: Preparedness and Anticipation

Ron Paul and Mitt Romney are the only two Republican Presedential candidates that are allowed on the Virginia Primary ballot because all other candidates could not get the required signatures. VA's Attorney General initially called for an "emergency law" allowing the rest of the GOP field to be added; however, the Attorney General changed his mind. Considering the fact that the due date to get the required signatures passed, it was ridiculous to change a law in the middle of a campaign season. Instead of talking about this potential law, I would like to talk about the candidates who did not qualify.

So, you are born an American citizen and want to run for President of the United States. You commission an exploratory committee to see if it is practical for you to throw your hat into the ring. After the committee findings verify that you have a chance to win, you say, "I am in it, to win it!" So where do you go from there? You need to start organizing your fund raising, and you need to make sure that your name will appear on every single ballot in each State and Territory. At the start of your campaign run, you have to know what is required for for people to actually be able to vote for you. This is part of being preparred for a Presidential run. I am not even considering if theses rules are fair or not. At this point in the game, the rules are the rules and every one knows about them. If you don't, then you should not be our President. What is going to happen when you are in the White House? Are you going to say I did not know, or it is unfair? I mean seriously. You have to be prepared.

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do you know why the attorney general changed his mind?

It seems

There was an outcry from the people. Who really knows though.

Family in VA Sentiments

I talked to family who lives in VA about this last week. They think it is just stupid that only two candidates did what is required to get on the ballot; however, they were happy that one of the two candidates with the support and wherewithal to make sure they got on the ballot was Paul.

Emergency law

How did they feel about the Emergency law situation?