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Welcome Bachmann Supporters!

We welcome you Bachmann supporters!

We agree with you that Obama needs to go
We agree with you that Obamacare needs to go
We agree with you that foreign US dollars need to be repatriated
We agree with you that Freddie and Fannie need to go
We agree with you that Dodd-Frank needs to go

And the list goes on!

Yes, there are places we disagree, but let's focus on the places we do agree.

Welcome Bachmann Supporters!

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As a Ron Paul supporter Im relieved to see her go

She was the biggest threat in my opinion. Had the American people been given the chance to really get to know her, she would have been very dangerous to us. When separated from the attacks and lies about her, one discovers that Michelle Bachman is a strong, principled woman with a lot to offer the cause of liberty. I do wish her success in the future - hopefully working with us directly. We have a lot more in common with her ardent supporters than the MSM would have us believe. They ran a solid campaign and deserve credit for standing up for what they believe.

I've noted that in many comments following articles

on the Web, Michelle Bachmann has been mentioned in the same breath as Ron Paul as someone the comment maker could trust to clean up Washington. I think this shows that for many Bachmann supporters Ron Paul was their second choice.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.


Has a tough choice to make in her position.

Hopefully she will at least make a similar effort to Sarah Palin with respect to RP.


I'm a long time Ron Paul supporter

I have something I would like to ask everyone. If Iran attacks one of our military or civilian ships while they are protecting or oil tankers in the Strait of Hormuz would that be a act of war? what do you think Ron would say we should do about that? Should we protect Americans as they move our trade around the world or not? If we do not protect them and Iran attacks a civilian vessel would that be an act of war? What to we do then? I have been struggling with that question. What do you guys think?

The "act of war"

The act of war has already been committed against the Iranian people, initiated by the US Government and her allies with air-space violations, covert operations, military strikes, stiff economic and financial sanctions . Where's the outrage? where are the so-called Liberal peace-niks who were around when George Bush was in power?

We are not living in a free society anymore, war is not the will of the people, why should it be the choice of our politicians?

Preparation through education is less costly than learning through tragedy

Ron is very intelligent.

He would first determine if there is any "false flag" attempts going on like the U.S.S. Liberty or the Gulf of Tonkin (to name a few). Tankers are insured and not the responsibility of the Navy to escort every merchant ship that we have. Ron would investigate any incident and take military actions only if the CONGRESS fully declares war on another country for legitimate reasons. He will not behave as Obombya and W and act unilaterally. Does this help.

"Necessity is the plea for every infringement of human freedom. It is argument of tyrants. It is the creed of slaves." William Pitt in the House of Commons November 18, 1783
"I know major allies who fund them" Gen. Dempsey

Yes it helps

but it does make shipping seem like a very scary and dangerous job.

1. There are a lot of scary

1. There are a lot of scary and dangerous jobs in the world, but no one needs to be forced to do it. http://money.cnn.com/galleries/2011/pf/jobs/1108/gallery.dan...
2. No country or authority can legislate danger away. Take safety precaution, improve and develop tools to help mitigate but please don't expect a perfectly safe world. I think this is a major mental/awareness hurdle that American suffer from.
3. Diversity of ideas, physical feature, personal disposition abound and with incentives in place from a free market, people will take risks and reap the rewards, and indeed, die trying sometimes; unless you're one of the big crony banks that has a stranglehold on the politician in DC, then u r mostly safe.
4. Some people are risk takers and thrill seekers. They will take the job. Contract them out and pay for it in a free-market competitive way. But don't do it in the name of peace loving Americans.
5. Driving and flying are also very dangerous, and so is jumping off a cliff, but people do it for the appropriate gratification-stupid or otherwise.
6. Have you heard what Ross Perot did to save his employees? http://feraljundi.com/1742/history-ross-perots-private-rescu...

Letters of marque and reprisal are a Constitutional solution

Is there another alternative to paying tribute to Somali pirates, other than sending a huge naval expedition force to route the pirates out of their lairs? Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) believes the Constitution’s long-neglected “marque and reprisal” provision may offer a viable option. Article I, Section 8 of the Constitution states: “The Congress shall have power … To define and punish piracies and felonies committed on the high seas,… To declare war, grant letters of marque and reprisal, and make rules concerning captures on land and water.”

Full article at the link:


The only problem with M&R

is its like the cops they don't stop someone from shooting you. They always show up afterwards and take a report on it and then try to solve the crime. The other post that there is just danger in the world is the truth. We can't live in a bubble all our lives. Just living is risky!

Utopia is not an option

How would you propose to stop someone from shooting (or otherwise harming) you?

I think it boils down to our founders basics

Arm yourself and shoot them first. Thank God for our founding fathers.


i only speak for myself.

as a tax payer, i say no. no i don't want my tax dollars paying for some else to make money overseas. said another way: i don't pay taxes so that some company - say Exxon - can use the military that i'm paying for, as personal security.

if iran attacks one of our military vessels that is chaperoning a civilian vessel, i would say that we need to correct the mistake, not double down on the mistake. we shouldn't be using our military to chaperon civilian vessels.

So you are ok with paying whatever price for your gas

that might come from that action? So You not only want all our troops home you also want us to maybe bring all our navy vessels home also?

I would rather get my gas

I would rather get my gas from North Dakota.


That still doesn't answer the question

of should all our navy be stationed at home in the bay all the time until we have a problem. Should they just do all there exercises right off our coast our should they be going all over the world and learning the whole of the ocean?

Former Marine 0311

Military Expedition Units (MEU)'s are conducted as deployments by the NAVY with Marine units attached. They are mainly used to ensure that our forces are training in peace time but at the same time on "stand by" around the globe in case something pops off in a given country. On the MEU I was on, we headed to the horn of Africa for anti-piracy enforcement but along the way stopped in Hawaii, Guam, Thailand, Oman, Qatar, Dubai, and Djibouti. We conducted joint military ops with Oman and Qatar and members of the French Foreign Legion in Africa. So no, I don't imagine bringing all of our vessels home would necessarily be the case, but more so getting all of our unnecessary military bases out from WITHIN these foreign countries. These concerns about Iran firing long range missiles from their naval fleet is such a crock btw. If you had any idea how much munitions we shot from OUR ships in FOREIGN waters you would know that Iran shooting missiles from their ship is quite normal and doesn't mean they're provoking war.. from what I understand, we actually sent one of our OWN vessels through their naval training exercises. If some country did that while were were conducting training exercises.. It would not be taken very well. Iran did NOTHING when we did it. btw we don't have a reason to justify why we die in Afghanistan except for our brothers to our left and right. It is a slap in the face when you think about WHY were over dying.. I can honestly say I have never felt so unaccomplished in my life until I deployed to Afghanistan and I didn't have it NEAR as bad as some of brothers in other units. I can only IMAGINE how they feel. At the same time I am only speaking in my own opinion.


See what you just said actually put me at ease

See I don't think we should total park in a harbor. I think we should do exercises in open sea and I also like the idea of doing exercises with our allies. I think it is good to have some of our forces in different places throughout the seas for defensive reasons. I don't think we should be moving up on countries in an offensive manor and being a bullly. Thank you so much for yur post it helped allot. I have prayed every day for you guys and I will pray a special prayer for you buddies that they stay safe and God will bring them home safe.


To add to that, to come home and hear that we might have to get our pay temporarily cut in half.. It's harder than ever (and it hurts me to admit it) to be proud of our country in it's current state. Ron Paul has changed my perspective and outlook for this country. As of 2 months ago, my free time has been filled with anything that has to do with Ron Paul. I can't explain what he's done to soul, but I have been optimistic for the longest I have been in A LONG time. I want to throat punch these heads in the MSM every time they talk about foreign policy and ineluctability. I'm ashamed that its taken me this long to realize how biased and disgraceful the media truly is. Ron Paul 2012


I agree on both counts

Ron does change the soul and the throat punching. I'm very proud of you for your service to the people of this country and all of our Constitution.

Keep them here. The world has

Keep them here. The world has been explored already. If Congress issues a formal declaration of war, then they can be deployed as needed.


that sounds good

how much more do you think gas would cost?

I'm assuming if they have more piracy done to them

their insurance cost goes up and to provide their own security would add cost. Higher cost is always passed to the consumer is it not. I like the idea of getting more resources from home though that sounds cheaper. But its funny how once we dig or drill up or resources it never seems to be used for just us but put on the world market and we don't get the use of our own resources so not sure if that really works.

That which is seen and that which is unseen

1. We are paying for our empire. Just no one is telling you the cost in lives, sweat and devaluation of our money--the pump price is NOT the real price.
2. Other countries pay closer to market value. Check out the prices of gasoline in Canada or Europe or some other 3rd world countries.
3. This would truly stimulate alternative energy development, not Solyndra style central planning, cronyism nor fascism (GM). No need for cap and trade and Goldman Sachs?
4. Imagine if Washington was responsible for cell phone development or lasik surgery, do you think the price would be competitive like we have it now? Hint: look at health care and education cost, where the government is in them big time--guarantee everything.
5. A good very short book to start is "Economics in One Lesson."
6. I believe oil cannot sustain biological life on earth. Oil producing countries still needs food and other goodies like IPhones and IPads. Certainly they might be persuaded to trade their oil for some of these goodies, without twisting their arms?


are all good points. TY

Man, easy answer!

Libya would look like a little game compared to what would happen if we were attacked!

sorry but Im not sure if I understand what you are saying

I'm sorry but I don't.

Yes, Welcome!

It's always exciting to get new Ron Paul supporters. New supports mean several things. Sure the increased votes are nice. The campaign donations help too. There's always the excitement as you realize the country is coming around to our views. The best part, however is seeing the look on someone's face or reading their excited posts when they finally 'get it'.

We are a very diverse group and not all of us agree on everything. There is one thing we can all agree on though: FREEDOM

Welcome Bachmann Supporters! We are thrilled to have you with us in our fight for Liberty!

Wash DC Teaparty Founder moves from Bachmann to Ron Paul


"I've been a supporter of Michele Bachmann since I founded Tea Party WDC in the spring of 2009. I've appreciated her stalwart support of Tea Party activities and in her speeches she maintained allegiance to our principles of fiscal responsibility, Constitutional limited government and free markets. ... " [keep reading at the link]