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I was just on the Todd Schnitt show...

I think I did ok, but I don't know because he kept cutting me off. I'm a veteran of the first Gulf War and he's been insulting the military for supporting Paul...calling us "paulsies" and saying the we were "uneducated". Somehow HE knows more about what is going on in the middle east than the people actually doing the fighting. You know, his chickenhawk opinion... sitting in his little chickenhawk studio... all safe and cozy in Tampa, FL.

Listening to his show is like listening to the little screen in Orwell's 1984. "Ignorance is Strength!"

Anyway, I mentioned that we overthrew Iran's gov in 1953. I mentioned that we funded Saddam's rise to power. I mentioned that we armed and funded Bin Laden. I mentioned the military bases in Saudi Arabia that led to 9/11. I mentioned the fact that Halliburton sold nuclear technology to Iran. He cut me off at that point and called me a conspiracy theorist!! Then he came back from the break and said his research shows that the only place he can find anything about Halliburton and Iran was on conspiracy theory websites.

So I sent him a link to the CSPAN questioning on his FB page. I'm not sure if he'll leave it up or delete it.


I was trying to make the point that we keep creating our own enemies and then arming them.

Who's foreign policy is whacky again?

Here's the audio of my call. I was the first caller of the hour...


I plan on calling in as much as possible between now and the Florida primary.

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Great job, wpsmithjr :-)

todd is a sorry excuse for an American.

Keep up the great work and keep calling in. Even though they twist things, the more the listeners listen, the more apt they are to possibly catch on.

Every time I call cspan, they cut me short. I am still working on my skills to get everything said in the shortest amount of time possible.

"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul

todd schnitt is a tool!

Todd lives here in Tampa and is a big neo-con here on 970 WFLA in tampa.

Todd thinks he's sooo smart.

Todd is also suing Todd Clem aka Bubba The Love Sponge here in Tampa because Bubba called Schnitt's wife a whore and called Schnitt a midget.

So Schnitt filed a civil suit. :roll eyes:

The trial is going on now - watch here: http://www.myfoxtampabay.com/category/235312/live-video


WOW man. You nailed it. You laid out all the dots for why our foreign policy is unwise and hopefully people will connect them FINALLY. If even half of our population was as knowledgeable and well spoken as you are, we would not be in the mess we are in and have been in for so long. Great job bud! :)


you absolutely destroyed that

you absolutely destroyed that man, brought up points and he agreed with almost everything you said then somehow claimed he also didnt agree with it. he actually said "we don't always do everything right but does that mean we shouldnt do anything" first off we havent done anything right for about a century now at least and yeah lets try doing nothing for awhile and just talk and trade with people. I love how this pro war people say that as soon as we abandon military imperialism that some other country is gonna step up the very next day and take our place as the rulers of the world. newsflash Todd no one has a military that big to accomplish the task for one, and two we took over the world through subtle financial tactics, no country in the world has yet to become dominant through pure militarism and conquering. on a final note anyone else getting tired of guys named TODD....its just a goofy fuckin name lmao


Made him sound so stupid for the rest of his show. Great job....And thank you for your services.

I don't have to make him sound stupid...

Once you realize he's paid to put out this propaganda...he just sounds stupid all on his own.

"Um... um... I never said every decision we've made was the right one...um... um... well, you're just a conspiracy theorist, aren't you?" CLICK.

I thought for a second I got hung up on accidentally so I called back and got right in. (Lots of people evidently want to talk to Schnitt because I got rings and an answer both times I called. Free advertising...no waiting!)

He's an idiot. But he supposedly has millions of listeners. I just hope they're really listening.

You did a great job speaking up for Ron Paul and his non-

interventionist approach to foreign policy.

Hopefully, you got a lot of that jerk's listeners to start thinking differently!


put up a good fight, kept your cool, and made some solid points. You can't argue with history.

If people like yourself (especially veterans) would hammer these guys on a daily basis, we can dominate the airwaves.

I got in a pretty good call to my local host today, and got some good shots in. Hopefully I'll have audio tomorrow.

We have to use their machinery against them. Regardless of the fact that they can cut us off, and continue to talk after we are off the line.
Continue to plant the seeds, and who knows what will grow?

I applaud your effort. Especially with a hostile, ignorant, Levin wannabe like Schnitthead.

good job!

good job!

Just like habits

Old neo-cons die hard....


If I may add

"He cut me off at that point and called me a conspiracy theorist!!"

Of course he did. That's a common tactic people use when they have no way to refute an argument. "Oh, he's just a crazy conspiracy theorist!" It's not quite as effective as it was back in the days when La Cosa Nostra "didn't really exist", or when there was "nothing of interest at Groom Lake", but it still works to a degree.

A signature used to be here!

Good stuff

I heard a very well spoken, well educated female RP supporter school Hannity today, and it reminded me of your call. I think this is an effective way of reaching a captive radio audience using airtime paid for by Schnitt/Rush/Levin etc. It's a Dr. Paul commercial, free of charge!

Tu ne cede malis sed contra audentior ito

I just figure it's the least we can do...

...to counter all the bashing he gets on the radio and tv.

I'm in the house all day on my day's off taking care of my new baby girl so I have time to sit and wait to talk.

It's fun and invigorating... otherwise I'd just be mad.


is a toad. I cannot stand to listen to him. He is on in my market and I cringe every time I hear his voice.

'Peace is a powerful message.' Ron Paul

Good job


You must live in Florida.

I live here and thought he was local.
Isn't he the same guy that has the M.J. In The Morning show?

I can't stand that guy for more that about a minute.

He's just a bitter neo-con.




I live in Alabama...

Birmingham area to be exact.

He's hard to listen to for sure. He gives Paul supporters hell. It's really sickening.

I told him he has lost a listener and that he was rude and insulting to ALL military personnel because he said that the reason we support RP is that we're "uneducated".

Then I preceded to tell him about all the enemies we've armed and beat back down over the years...and how war is a racket.

Any idea how long before the podcast is posted? I wanna hear it.

I am not familiar with this

I am not familiar with this Todd Schnitt guy but, what he is espousing about our military is nothing short of shameful. I am sorry that our countries bravest are being subjected to such comments simply because of whom they choose to vote for. People like this man make me ill. Thank you for your service, sir!

He's one of the worst in my opinion...

At least Rush just ignores us. Schnitt has been devoting half his show to bashing RP and his supporters. I used to like to listen to him because he actually talks about issues... whereas Rush and some of the others just bash liberals for 2-3 hours straight. I can't listen to him any more though. He's insulted me for the last time. The only way I'll listen to him now is while I'm waiting to get on the air to bash him and try to educate people.