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Dear Friends,

Please set up a user name and log in to your account. With your account, you are given your very own blog, and you are also authorized to post stories as well. Please experiment - there is only a small group of people who know about this site.

After you have experimented a bit, please come back to this story and post any observations, difficulties and/or questions to this post.

 I would like to release this site to the general public this week, and keep it updated regularly as a way to raise awareness about Dr. Paul's campaign.

Thank you for your help!

Michael Nystrom

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Ron Paul Bumper Stickers

Ron Paul For President '08 Bumper Stickers may be purchased at for $2.95 each plus s&h. The stickers have a picture of Ron Paul on them which I think is a nice touch. They have a white background so I have added with a black felt tip pen Also, Liberty Stickers supports many Patriot Radio Shows with their advertising dollars so we can help in that regard.

It's way past time for bumper stickers!.

The nomination process will happen very fast this time around. I want to make sure that the bumper stickers I buy are going into campaign funds, not some bumper sticker printer's coffers. Is this outfit involved in the campaign funding?

Time to rock n roll.



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Michael, I just got to looking around the site. Looks great. Reading the article posted today, I don’t think I ever saw the entire transcript. It reminds me, I first learned of Ron Paul years ago through Le Metropole Café; GATA. It seems appropriate to have prominent links to Le Metropole Café, GATA, Goldrush21; they go hand in hand.

Works fine...I'm glad to have...

a site where I can keep track of Congressman Paul's run for President.

Since I came of voting age I've only voted for third parties where that option has been available...the Democrats and Republicans are such a Hobson's choice between Tweedle Dumb & Tweedle Dumber. I voted straight Libertarian on the 2006 Congressional elections and am looking foreward to voting for Ron Paul again (I did so in 2004)

Thanks or this effort Michael

I've been supporting Ron Paul's efforts since he first announced his intention to try to get back in the U.S. House and have no complaints. Not only is he Liberty oriented all the time on all issues, but he started the Foundation For Rational Economics and Education (F.R.E.E.), a public foundation dedicated to individual freedom and free-market economics. He also organized the other couple of Reps. in the house who were dedicated to freedom to work together to support constitutional government, actually I think they may have as many as a dozen members now.
I look forward to helping in this experiment to try to regain our freedom.


“If you're waiting around for "government" to pass a "law" giving you permission to be free, then: a) you'll be waiting a long time, and b) you're not even free inside your own head yet. As long as you are begging any master to endorse your freedom, you w

How refreshing to be able to

How refreshing to be able to vote For a candidate. This will be the first time I donate money to someone running for President.

Nicely Done

Working for me. May I pass this site onto a friend? Not sure about the etiquette or Protocol. Thanks

Win it all with Dr. Paul!

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Hi kk,

Nice to see you've registered. It looks like 8 people have so far...Can everyone try to post something?

I was going to say don't distribute the URL just yet, but...what the hell? Go ahead and let's try to build some momentum! We're all busy with work and lives, but hopefully we can all contribute just a little and really help get the word out to people who otherwise would not have heard about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul...and justice for all! (this quote comes to you via the stranger)


Working so far

I've registered, and can log in and navigate.

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Great to hear it - looks like you're the only one so far. Any problems, issues?


Excellent!!! !